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So, what would be the best route to go?

Very interesting, lots of pics, weak transistor | Audiokarma Home Audio Stereo Discussion Forums

In other words, a higher Hfe means that less current needs to be supplied by the upfront section aka higher Hfe provides higher input impedance The very linear Hfe-Ic curve of the also provides an excellent linearity of the buffer stage which benifits the distortion levels But the KSC should do fine here. That might very well be critical in this circuit, and therefore also stick with a SS sub. Sorry so long but I found this real interesting and educational for me.

I went to digikey and looked for a hFE TO and the only one that popped up was a SS, oddly enough had the code.

2SC-9014 NPN Small Signal Transistor

Picked up an old GE A a couple months ago. Looking at the zoomed circuit image at the beginning, that’s a Baxandal tone control circuit at the left alright. It probably is a 2SC Lots of DC at the speaker outputs, started testing caps, almost all out of specs and many dead. Do you already have an account? Looking at the 2SC datasheet, its Ft is rather high at Mhz, so it’s not the average audio AF transistor, more like a tuning circuit transistor RF.


This circuit runs at very low collector voltage.

When subbing transistors, you’ll make sure that the allowable Vce, IC and Pc are safely above in-circuit conditions, and certainly not lower then originally installed unless you can deduct what worst-case in-circuit current can be most often only a few mA runs while the transistor is ranked mA, so a 50mA ranked sub-transistor could do as datashet.

The schematic shows it like this with the voltages: By no means an expert but this don’t look good No, create an account now. Recapped the whole thing, sounds much better and a microvolt or two of DC at the speakers. Desoldered the good side one and it had an hFE of almost The pinout is different from the original to the SS but I could just put some insulators on the legs and make it fit?

Below are screen captures of the DCA pro traces. Makes your life easier as well regarding legs Hfe is not much of issue here as long as it is aboveas this transistor is a “buffer stage” with at max a factor 10 amplification probably less than datashet Higher Hfe can sometimes be desired to “unload” the upfront circuit.

So I know what I put in. I assume its a Hitachi, can’t find anything on the interweb on it. I would certainly ensure to have a simular bandwidth. OilmasterNov 24, Then there is Hfe, bandwidth Ft, capacitance Cob and dstasheet noise; which are either irrelevant or relevant, depending on its very application.

Ironically, I just bought a Tek that is not working as well. I only bring this up, as there was a Sansui thread where the signal had reduced level on one side, and was cured by changing the c to c Below is the block diagram for this. But if the lower bandwidth would have been acceptable for the circuit, then the equipment manufacturer would have put it! Your name or email address: Last but not least NAD80, I got that scope about 3 years ago locally from craigslist.


Notice the knee in the HFE curves below 2 volts. After some assistance getting that fixed, my audio hobby was off and running! The only downside of the ksc is that its saturation voltage is relatively high. The SS looks good as a replacement.

How does RF play into this? Top grouping is the left transistor and bottom is the right. Log in or Sign up. I have a bunch of KSC’s kicking around and wondered if they would work just as well? NAD80Nov 24, Did a couple comparison test graphs. Didn’t work, had a bad cap and bad transistor.

Just remember, the collector and base need to be crossed to match the original configuration. Share This Page Tweet. It’s capacity is also low 2. I see now that it is indeed the pre-amp section. The transistor in question is an HITC6.

C Datasheet, 2SC PDF – NPN 50V TR – Usha

The Q is part of the pre-amp, correct? So, this is where I need a little help. If you have ksc – it does better in this respect. Yes, my password is: Put 1kHz signal through her, signal was clean but the right was half the amplitude of the left channel.

The digikey link for it is here https:


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