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In this course, students will gain an understanding of the concepts of object- oriented programming and develop business applications with ABAP Objects. BC ABAP – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Goal of the ABAP Objects (BC) course is to strengthen your ABAP skills by gaining a full understanding of object-oriented programming techniques.

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All other products mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks of b401 respective companies. For this, you must have defined the key of your internal table accordingly.

BC401 – ABAP Objects

bc4001 This means, the access will cause an error if the offset and length area contains both character-type and non-character-type components. You then pass the whole table to the executable program. That is, when you access a data reference variable the data reference itself is accessed, so that changes aabap made to the addresses. You only have to adhere to the following namespace convention: For example, the client wants to ascertain the truck with the largest cargo capacity.

Assign the input parameter to the field symbol. This can be done using inheritance, by redefining a method from the superclass in subclasses and implementing it differently. If you are defining a table type that you want to use to provide a type for data objects, you must specify all its attributes completely. If the operation is successful, the new customer data record can be entered in the waiting list.


The following rules apply: To do this, you will need a local reference to the exception instance suggested name: The access time is thus independent of the number of lines in the table.

An actually existing object is abstracted to the significant dimensions that are to be mapped. The “language” used in the various phases of software development analysis, specification, design, and implementation is uniform.

Your use of these options is limited only by the table kind you have chosen. However, this is not checked in the syntax check.

SAP ERP Education: SAP ABAP : BC ABAP Objects part №1

The user never actually knows the providers of these services, but communicates with them through the interface. The user wants to handle various providers in the same way and must therefore abstract concrete implementations to a description of the services required to fulfill the task.

Use qbap context menu for a package node or directly for a class node within a package.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. The last byte is reserved for the plus or minus sign.

This is recursive for deep types. These exceptions cannot be declared. You can only redefine public and protected instance methods, other components static methods, attributes and so on cannot be redefined. Would this be problematic? The class hierarchy of the bc01 classes corresponds to the hierarchy of the types in the ABAP type system.


The topmost internal session on the stack xbap replaced. You must place the new values for these columns in the work area wa. Skip to main content. Normally, non- nested structured data types are used for this. This will be discussed in more detail later in the unit. The stricter syntax checks usually abwp in a syntax that should also be used outside ABAP Objects, but where the old forms cannot be prohibited for compatibility reasons.

For example, delegation enables the car to be equipped with a new tank, without the call changing for the client or for the car class. Each external session can contain up to nine internal sessions. The subclass can also add new components attributes, methods, and so on and replace inherited bf401 with its own implementations.

The singleton should have been instantiated in the last exercise. There are special comparison operators for aba;, which you can use in logical expressions in a queryto search more flexibly for character sequences in a character string.

Szkolenie SAP BC ABAP Objects

If you want to hide the internal implementation from users, you must define internal and external views of attributes. Log In Sign Up. The description objects are then created from one of the subclasses.

Adjacent byte-type components are grouped in the same way.


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