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ACI 315-08 PDF

The technical committees responsible for ACI committee reports and standards strive to avoid ambiguities, omissions, and errors in these. Aci 08 Pdf Download. Foo. INTRODUCTION /R-1 ACI Building Code and Commentary PREFACE The code portion of. Section of ACI lists important informational items that must be included on design drawings, details, or specifications, including anchorage length.

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At no time did the scoop come in contact with the cows or other structures other than the grain bin. The collimator is five inches in length and five inches across at the mouth. Samples were taken by breaking the vegetation off by hand. This suggests that a portion of the aerosol is more firmly bound to the vegetation. Group IV cows were fed the contaminated fresh green chop for six days.

During the period between the two sets of samples two daysthe radionuclide decay of! The peak daily ac values of 1 3 ll activity in milk were 4 4 2.

The samples were counted until a minimum of counts was achieved in the 0. Sale of tender forms will close at 3 p. The average wind xci and speeds over the period to hours, October 4, as indicated by the various sensors in the field, are given below: All cows were fed according to the schedule shown in Table 2. The effective half-life during feeding was 3.

SP-066(04): ACI Detailing Manual-2004

The bulk density of the DE was computed by averaging sci series of mass to volume measurements and a particlei size distribution was determined by sieve analysis utilizing a W. The smallest sieve available locally was Z50 mesh, so all the DE that passed through this sieve was used. The results of each separate experiment will be presented in the following 315–08.

Discussion The vegetation sample showing the increase was Russian thistle Salsola Kali which was growing meters south of the line of generators.


Advanced Technology & Industrial Co., Ltd.

All conglomerations were counted as single particles. Average milk values obtained for the controlled 1 3l I ingestion studies. However, for various reasons we decided for this experiment to utilize a relatively simple synthetic, dry aerosol of diatomaceous earth tagged with l 31I. Sampling One background sample was taken from the hay stack. The low secretion of the two latter groups indicates that radioactive iodine was not taken up as readily as in the first group Group II.

The crystal was enclosed in a stainless steel, lead lined assembly with a detachable wide mouth focusing colli- mator forward from the crystal. As was mentioned earlier, the control group cows showed activity in their milk See Table 23 and Figure Cost of tender forms including Taxes: The filter papers from the air sampling equipment and the fallout trays from the aerosol generation were also counted in the Beckman Wide-Beta gas-flow counter. Radiation intensities were measured at representative spots throughout the area of contamination on succeeding days until levels again reached background.

I 30 35′ 40′: It is recommended that consideration be given in the future to placing plan- chets at different heights in the various sampling areas and that additional air samplers be used to include these areas. The tagging tests indicated that there was negligible loss of 1 3 11 when the slurried DE was air-dried and resieved.

This continued until a 40 x 40 cm area had been cut. Introduction It is reasonable to expect that obvious weather conditions such as wind speed and direction, humidity and precipitation would have some effect on aerosol deposition, particularly when deposition in a certain area is desired. Particle size from Group 2 photographs 14?

The pulses from the scintillator are fed into a single-channel analyzer which in turn feeds into the system’s sealers. The average of these two samples was then taken as representative for Groups I, II, III, IV and V for the purpose of computing the over-all background averages for the duration of the study. Of course, this contamination did affect the control group and corrections were made for the added intake in the experimental group to obtain acii activity in milk samples.

  2330 TSMC PDF

Total kg pCi 8. They were decontaminated and placed in a; 315–08 corral having community water and feed mangers only for this group. Soil and natural vegetation samples were used as an indication. Range of 31I values for individual cows within groups October, The tender should be xci as tender No. The particles were sized from photomicrographs. Considerable success was attained in contaminating the forage in this fashion.

In relation to the farm, the approximate locations of the two teams were: A review of the aerosol release data from the preliminary experiment on the sampling grid shows a marked reduction in generation time between the first and third runs. The average milk production for afi four cows for each milking ranged from 4.

I Dairy Cow Uptake Studies Using a Synthetic Dry Aerosol

Project Hayseed For Project Hayseed, a test grid -with 45 sampling po- sitions was prepared as shown in Figure 3. It usually makes little difference which recording method is used since both forms of the data are required for complete analysis and one can 315-008 obtained from the other. A dry aerosol was chosen because such a material may simulate close-in particulate fallout from a nuclear excavation experiment conducted in a desert environment.

Cumulative distribution of particle sizes. Measured concentrations of contaminated forage sampled in situ immediately folio-wing the release averaged 3. As determined just prior to aaci to dairy cows, peak average values and effective half-lives of 1 3 l 1 in the different forages used were as follows:


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