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32 channels. Indeed card (optional) OK converter kHz. Converters: mainly use with discs of samples, but. ES: disable input analog. Akai CD Next up from the S & we go to the first series – still 16 bit samplers, but with an improved OS, better filters. cdi “Akai CDi for sale. Great vintage sampler. Perfect addition to any studio. Warm enveloping sounds from sampling anything from strings to drums.

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In pristine functioning conditions with all original CDs sound bank; i will also provide spare blank floppy disks.

Akai CD3000

To cut down on spammers, cookies must be enabled to post comments to this page. THanks Product rating out of 5: I have a couple of Bos I have a rolling 20 space with a S Good condition, All buttons work as they should, screen not super bright but still back lit and legible. Das interne CD-Laufwerk reagiert nicht.

It’s really simple, but get help if you don’t know what you’re doing!

Been using these since the mid 90s. Add your comments here for the product: Looking at the back panel, this sampler has 10 analogue outputs of which 2 are a stereo output, an analogue stereo input with record gain adjustment. Its not just becasue is Dont fuss over the sound quality of these units. We have no manual included, though you can download for free from internet sites. It has all the usual features like time stretchaudio editingdelay and choruspitch change etc.


More choices in this product category from other manufacturers: The sampler works fine, except for the faulty internal cd-drive. Very good cutting through sound, especially bass sounds. Recycle then transmits the samples directly to the i via SCSI. This machine has a great sampler with a lot of features on board.

I have also thrown in an 8 way loom 8 audio leads. Sonstige Infos gibts im Netz,oder einfach mal mailen.

Email supplied but hidden http: Included with the sampler is an Iomega Zip and SCSI cable to connect it to the sampler, plus 24 discs for the drive. Email supplied but hidden google Activity: The LCD display has recently been replaced and is bright and clear. It has scsi already on board, 8 outs already installed. Tray ejects nice and smooth. What makes it a bit special is that it has a cd drive and comes with 5 cd roms full of cd3000u sorts of sounds from orchestral to synths and drums — a bit of everything.

Too much colouration f Im yet to find a use for the machine but am determined to find one! I think i just bought an expensive but cool looking rack filler-upper. Other than that, you can’t beat this thing at this price point. MPK mini Mk2 90? Looking for the user manual? With the CDi you will get the following…. This is a no reserve auction.


Its just like an akai Sxl.

I want the Manual. I think i screw myself. Dieses funktioniert einwandfrei mit dem Sampler. In full working condition and as shown. Apart from these issues, and potential trouble with worn floppy or CD-ROM drives, my impression is that there are few reliability problems. I bought it in October of How should the 8 switches be set on the mode select panel of a new cd-rom drive? Just bought one of these babies today from an auction cf3000i for 36 euros.

It also has connections for a foot switch, headphones and Aaki In, Out and Thru.

Akai CDi – Specifications, pictures, prices, links, reviews and ratings

The external cd-drive works flawless. A small dent on top along with a little missing paint. Im not percent if recycle supports this sampler, i know it works great with the cdxl but not tried it yet. We have hundreds of manuals added to the site!

Perhaps it will help you! Its really simple, but get help if you dont know what youre doing! Der Sampler funktioniert, ausser dem defekten internen CD-Laufwerk. Xd3000i sampler has 10 outputs, A stereo input, 32 voices and is 16 part multitimbral.


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