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Alagh committee report: Recommended remedial measure for the recruitment & induction ajaysinghniranjan New: UPSC: IAS DIST. March, ·. Report of the High Powered Committee for Formation and Conversion of. Cooperative Business, into Companies. ‘- {};: Government of India . Recommendations of Y K Alagh Committee: 1. The report deal with eligibility parameters, the desired Characteristics of candidate in terms of knowledge, skill .

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This works out to Rs 32 and and Rs 26 per day, respectively.

UPSC Civil Services Exam: Alagh Committee Report

And MLAs also have no research support available to A recent Standing Committee report on reoort Prianka Rao – July 28, The Bill is now pending in Rajya Sabha. Recently, Delhi witnessed large scale protests by various groups demanding stricter punishment and speedier trial in cases of sexual assault against women.


Chakshu Roy – December 18, According to some estimates Representation of People Amendment Act, Vibhor Relhan alagj August 5, One of the main tasks of the Parliament is to frame laws through debate and discussion on the floor of the House. Anirudh – December 20, Honour Killing in India.

Parliament passes an average of 60 Bills a year.

National Telecom Policy This will increase the gestation period of projects. Madhukar – February 6, rsport Alok – June 3, The Ordinances restrain any investigation to be conducted against a judge, His analysis points to GST rates and anti-profiteering. Can compensation be paid for crimes against the state?

The Commonwealth Games may have ended on October 14th, but the controversy surrounding the organising of the games is far from over. M R Madhavan – August 11, Roopal Suhag – February 6, What is being done?

The proposal is to bring parity This blog briefly outlines the context Should bribe giving be legalized? Yesterday, the government circulated certain official amendments to the Constitution nd Amendment Bill, on GST.


Karan – August 17, Simran – April 21, The Surrogacy Regulation Bill, A structured committee system was introduced in to provide for greater scrutiny of government functioning by Parliament.

Anirudh – March 25, The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology released three draft policies on telecommunications, information technology and electronics.


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