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Alphas is the New York Times bestselling spinoff of The Clique series. In the Clique the losers are tormented. At Alpha Academy, they’re sent home. The Clique’s. I think about “Alphas,” the YA series by “The Clique” creator Lisi Harrison about a competitive girls school in Australia, a lot. Lisi Harrison’s ALPHAS will beat many readers’ expectations. Most will likely look for a continuance of the Clique series and though there is one character.

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I love the clique, but this just blows it out of the harriskn. Teenage girl is invited to privately owned island with 99 other kids who have special talents, and they get kicked out one by one until only one the best is left [s]. You can’t make holograms of people that are so realistic people actually think it’s the real person, and then program the hologram to mimic the actions of the people around it.

Alphas Book Review

The academy is so futuristic this looks like a sci-fi chick lit book. How Tech Is Changing Childhood. And when Shira finally accepted Charlie as her student, she makes the impossible – break up with her boyfriend, who happens to be Shira’s son.


I kept getting confused as to which character I was reading about, because they were all completely interchangable: I’m not exaggerating, either. Most of the book she just bumbles by.

Her character was just so self-righteous and, like the others, had an unsafely large ego. I decided to try it alphad though, mainly because I love how Lisi Harrison’s writings seems to connect with the teenagers today.

The Alphas

Shira Brazille’s third son. Column 4 Our impact report: My boyfriend broke up with me and left me for my bestie! View all 14 comments. I loaned it to my friend Calley who is a super super talented dancer ballet and she kept telling me how much llisi wished that it was an actual school and that she wished that she could go there.

Learn how we rate. It should be fine ,isi Charlie, but when her ex-boyfriend’s favorite singer is in the academy – and who is also her roomate – it’s hard for her to survive now that she is watching them getting more attracted to each other.

I don’t know why she was even created as a main character. Parents need to know that there isn’t much to worry about in this hrarison.


Not a single bit. If you loved the series, then I’m sorry that you had to read all of this, because I understand that some people like this book series and some don’t. It made the characters sound stupid. Aug 25, Mehsi rated it really liked it Shelves: It was witty, clever and interesting with likeable characters.

Surving through Alpha Academy, makes a true alpha. Mar 02, Jessica rated it it was amazing. I did not have high hopes for this book at all.

Liwi hobbies involve dancing and kissing. She seemed to me to be the sma Hmmm He was really immature. But I knew it was impossible, because I don’t have any exceptional talent to offer in case the academy meets the real life world.

I think this spinoff series actually moves a little too far outside of the normal mean girl genre stuff to be useful for that. They all are competing to win a competition at an acade It was just total stupidity.


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