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The AMCA laboratory has the capability to test fans, louvers, dampers, air curtains ANSI/AMCA D Laboratory Methods of Testing Dampers for Rating . Buy AMCA D: LABORATORY METHODS OF TESTING DAMPERS FOR RATING from SAI Global. ANSI/AMCA D Laboratory Methods of Testing Dampers for Rating The purpose of this standard is to establish uniform laboratory test methods for.

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The plenum height shall be no less than the plenum length. Where a measuring plane is located downstream of the settling means, the settling means is provided to insure a substantially uniform flow ahead of the measuring plane. If all results were obtained at the same air density or if results were converted to a nominal density, such density shall be listed; otherwise a curve with air density as ordinate shall be drawn. Where torque must be applied to a blade or shaft to drive the damper to its closed position, seating torque shall be applied as described in Section 8.

The mass per unit volume of air. The static pressure at a point shall be measured on an indicator, such as a manometer, with one leg open to the atmosphere and the other leg connected to a static pressure sensor, such as a static pressure tap or the static tap of a Pitot-static tube.

Turning vanes may be used to improve the velocity profile through an elbow. A test shall consist of five or more determinations taken at approximately equal increments of pressure differential covering the range desired. Heat shall be introduced into the system at a rate which will 8. A three-radii approximation to the elliptical form that does not differ at any point in the normal direction more than 1.

One reading per determination of plenum static pressure Ps8 and plenum temperature td8 shall be recorded.

The first test is to be performed with a given nozzle or nozzle combination open [e. The cross-section of the a,ca portion is one quarter of an ellipse, having the large axis 050d and the small axis 0. Hole depth shall not be less than the hole diameter. The dry-bulb thermometer shall be mounted upstream of the wet-bulb thermometer so its reading will not be depressed.


The size of bubble formation shall also be recorded by noting if any bubbles exceed 1. Any suitable means of releasing the damper may be used provided that it results in closure in a manner similar to that obtained by the use of a fusible link or heat responsive damper.

One reading of inlet duct static pressure Ps9 shall be recorded before closure. After three cycles the damper shall be reversed and retested with airflow through the damper in the reverse direction. When tw0 is outside of the range of 4?

C Repeat test step A to insure leakage values are not affected by downstream leakage values. The specified airflow conditions are the airflow face velocity when the damper is in the open position and the pressure differential across the damper in the closed position. However, AMCA International does not guarantee, certify or assure the safety or performance of any products, components or systems tested, designed, installed or operated in accordance with AMCA International standards or that any tests conducted under its standards will be nonhazardous or free from risk.

In this case, the maximum local velocity at a distance 0. One 500f per determination of inlet duct static pressure Ps9and the plane 9 dry bulb temperature td9 shall ama recorded. The heated air test described herein anticipates the use of the combustion of natural gas as the heat source.

A chamber may 500f a circular or rectangular cross-sectional shape.

The vane thickness shall not exceed 0. Every precaution should be taken to ensure that the air velocity does not influence the pressure measurement. At each place, four diameters — approximately 45? A test is a complete set of measurements or determinationsone set for each one setting of airflow leakage rate and 50d drop.

In such cases, volume flow rate shall be obtained from the equation of continuity of mass: During opening, the pressure drop across the damper shall not be less than the value indicated by a straight line between the pressure drop at the full-open position and the pressure drop across the damper at the full-closed position ammca time abscissa vs. Please first log in with a verified email before subscribing to alerts. The damper shall be equipped with the heat responsive damper normally supplied with the damper.

Standard air is air with a density of 1. The upstream seven diameters may include one elbow located as amfa from the damper as possible. B Blank acma exiting end of chamber location where tail end piece Figure 6.


AMCA seeking volunteers to serve on AMCA 500-D Review Committee.

The temperature at td1 shall be recorded at a maximum of 10 second intervals from the time heat is introduced into the system until the completion of the test. Otherwise, a report containing such information shall be referenced. Open a nozzle 8. When system leakage is less than 9. The corresponding weight shall be lowered gradually, without impact loading, amcca the damper reaches its closed position and without additional applied force.

Dampers Archives – Modular Framing Systems

Airflow rates may be measured directly using a calibrated airflow meter capable of measuring airflow in increments of 0. Manometer readings shall be corrected for any difference in specific weight of gauge fluid from standard, any difference in gas column balancing effect from standard, or any change in length of the graduated scale due to temperature.

In addition, three readings of traverse-plane dry-bulb temperature td3 shall be recorded unless the readings are steady in which case only one need be recorded. Refer to manufacturer’s instructions. Immediately following the damper closure from the Dynamic Closure Test Section 8.

Hg barometric pressure has these properties, approximately. An exception shall be permitted for the recorded temperature to drop below the test temperature, provided the cumulative time the damper is at or above the test temperature is 15 minutes.

The expansion factor Y may be obtained from: Nozzles may be of any convenient size. The parties to a test for guarantee purposes may agree to exceptions to this standard in writing prior to the test. Since the airflow and pressures through a damper in a typical system are never strictly steady, the pressure indicated on any instrument will fluctuate with time. Ranges of air delivery over which equilibrium cannot be established shall be recorded. Table 6 displays allowable combinations of airflow rate measurements and test damper setups.

Seating torque is the torque specified to properly seal the test damper.


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