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An Endless Summer (Summer, book 2) by C J Duggan – book cover, description, publication history. An Endless Summer. By C.J. Duggan. Copyright © by C.J An Endless Summer. A Summer Series Novel, Book Two. Published by C.J Duggan. Australia. Read An Endless Summer (The Summer Series) (Volume 2) by C.J Duggan by C.J Duggan by C.J Duggan for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the.

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I was excited to read about the same characters in the first book. Aimee and the Heartthrob.

When we knew her in The Boys of Summer, she’s a bit of a spoilt brat. Thank you to C. Amy and I are quite similar in the way that we see that you can’t love someone from the get go, it’s something that takes time and understanding. Without question, without hesitation. The storyline of this book was pretty good and believable.

J on her website: It was an insanely erotic thought that I felt so exposed suummer him and yet so utterly shielded under the dark canopy of the gum tree. He teased Amy like it was his job.

Review – An Endless Summer (Book #2 Summer Series) by C.J. Duggan

It’s quite natural, actually and frankly, pretty cute. While Amy isn’t afraid to speak up and doesn’t get embarrassed easily unlike the shy Tess we met in the first book.

She was known for throwing tantrums and had a temper nobody wanted to be the victim of. It’s a different side of the boy-meets-girl, girl-falls-for-boy type story, and that’s why it was so fantastic to read. And guess edless saved her? Summr love for each and every single character. Adam comes back to play a MAJOR role as the comic angle of the book and boy, his success in being funny is commendable.

I could go on and discuss the plot but really this was all about Sean for me. There were quite a few fun scenes with a bunch of the characters I liked.


She kept up the mantra in her head that she could do it all alone until the end of the novel. With the new threat of putting the Onslow up for sale, Amy reluctantly turns to a local tradesman for help: In which case this review may be rather short, because there’s only so many words in the thesaurus that I can use to express my uttermost love for not just this book, but CJ herself, and the whole series to come.

Return to Book Page. I have to say I did really love Amy too, I couldn’t help but cheer her on. When she comes back, no one is expecting this completely lovely, more mature young woman – all they can remember is young Amy. It is so good to be back in Onslow!

I Kissed the Boy Next Door. There was so much banter, humour, swoon and hot-displays-of-chest OMG. A fun read that will keep you entertained.

Amy is a selfish, spoiled brat at the start but by the end, she learns so much and changes so much, it’s beautiful to read. Call me strange, but I loved the fact that they were constantly challenging each other. This stock photo has been used too many times. Because the swoony scenes between them were so worth it! I understand why seventeen-year old Tess was so enamoured by year old Toby Morrison. It’s like a Sarah Dessen or Stephanie Perkins novel – same world, some of the same characters, but so brilliantly done that it can hold it’s own.

I loved seeing all of the Australian slang words.

{Review} An Endless Summer by CJ Duggan | Swoony Boys Podcast

It’s a romance that develops slowly throughout the book through simmer and glances and what I like to call the ‘Pride and Prejudice’ romance.

I completely adored both Amy and Sean. I adore this series… To say that I am impatiently waiting for book 3, cover revealed today, is such an understatement it is not even funny. I loved them as a couple. Sean has a little bit of a reputation throughout the community as a ladies man, and this is mostly due to endlexs fame as a footballer and his good looks.


Her fathers family has owned The Onslow for a very long time and she is slightly younger than the all of the other characters in the book.

That is exactly the insight we have into Sean as we follow Amy through, what has now become, a pretty painful summer. You have visualised on what true friends and family are about and everyone get together and help each other and no endlrss gets left behind no matter what!!!

This is a talent that should be fully recognised by all although I do think it would be wise for her to hone her talent further on Amy’s older cousin Chris in the next book just saying! Duggan you did it again. Even though Sean Murphy has a pretty long record of being a player who can pretty much get whoever he wants, he seems to want Amy.

See if you have enough points for this item. Those who loved Sean in the first installment will be swooning over him tenfold in this one. PrizesReviewsTour Tagged With: I found ccj so amusing and it always brought a smile to my face. The place looks like it should be condemned and it’s going to take more than just a lick of paint to get the Onslow looking good again.

Click here to cancel reply. It wasn’t normal and there was a point when all I could so was roll my eyes. He had a super sweet side to him that I appreciated but also a cocky swagger about him which I adored. Then — Amy Henderson has been away for about four summer now, after her parents felt she needed to calm down a bit and sent her to the city for school.


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