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Assassins in Love. Kris DeLake. Sourcebooks Casablanca, $ mass market ( p) ISBN Agent: Rikki Profile: Rogue assassin who kills only to rid the world of hardened criminals. Hates organizations. Always does it her way. Love becomes a matter of . Read “Assassins in Love” by Kris DeLake with Rakuten Kobo. A fast, edgy, and passionate story.” —Mary Jo Putney, New York Times bestselling author When.

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And every mess she makes recently seems to get traced back to him. I enjoyed the description of the planets they visited and could feel their krsi realism. He knows who is responsible and he is determined to see her brought into the Guild – or see to it that she stops assassinating It goes on like that for the next couple hundred delaie without really anything more dramatic happening than a few lunch dates. Better, though, is that DeLake managed to give enough nuance to the setup that you can readily buy that the two main characters, Rikki and Misha, have different and conflicting, at least on the surface moral approaches to their job of killing people.

Well timed surprises keep things moving and pages turning. Katano rated it liked it Shelves: Lve start out with a lot of lies of omission. The SF elements don’t feel remotely natural; really, it’s like they cribbed their sci fi loev bad space opera. This is where I think assassins and romance have serious compatibility issues, because to go in for the kill you have to be able to think about people in such a way that you causing their death is justifiable and is not leaving an indelible stain on your soul.

She only takes cases which involve people who deserve to die.

Assassins in Love – Kris DeLake – Google Books

It’s meant to be angst ridden, lust repressed banter, but to me it just read like joyless bickering, so when it turns to flirtation the transition is weird and awkward. Set in a distant future where assassins are for hire and nothing wrong with that. May 05, Gail rated it really liked it Shelves: And kkris final reveal was very anticlimactic.


In a world where hired assassins are a commodity, she plays by her own set of rules and doesn’t apologize for it. A quick word of warning: Sep 19, Shay Williams rated it it was ok Shelves: Poor old Rikki is having a little crisis of confidence, reflecting that she is barely competent at her chosen profession, that perhaps she needs more skills in airlock-lock picking and knowing her way around luxury liner spacecrafts.

Loved the hero and heroine respectively.

A Spy To Die For

Misha was raised by an assassin, trained by the Guild, and lives by the rules and regulations set forth by the Guild. In any case, assassijs Misha goes all weak in the knees–over the course of several pages, and to the amusement of his lover–I hope you’ll understand that I was completely thrown delame of the book. Soon boy and girl are running and falling in love and lust. It is fun to see what kriw when they have to work together to survive. Other books in the series. Rikki came across as bumbling and irrational at times which interrupted the flow of the story.

When I started this I was sure I was onto a winner but the whole middle section bored me slightly assassiins was a real shame as it had the potential to be a really amazing book. The best thing was that Skye kept getting that same reaction from him through out the book. Why not get a copy of it for yourself? For the story, Rikki and Misha needed to both be assassins and Rikki needed to have the kind of issues she did.


Through that time they simmer in a mixture of wonderment, lust and distrust. But it was a fun read. Misha has been on Rikki’s tracks, hoping he can convince her to join the Guild for her protection but A sultry futuristic thrill ride!

Unfortunately, the rest of the book is a long, meandering third person subjective expository slog that shifts back and forth between the POV of the two main characters between chapters and then more or less at random, and more than enough to be redundant. It didn’t really pick up for me until part 4 when they went inside the Guild. Nada mejor que hacerse los borrachos.

That blurb is very misleading, no memory of that happening He’s going to get them both arrested. Thanks for telling us about the problem. DeLake is good at characterization and creates a believable history for the two of them, so the book is much more than a vehicle for steamy sex scenes.

A Spy To Die For (Assassins Guild, #2) by Kris DeLake

And of course the suspense part as something fishy is going on and someone is unhappy. And that’s fine with me! I liked that the world delxke sci fi and futuristic, but wasn’t all weird with aliens and weird environments. Jul 01, Blodeuedd Finland rated it liked it Shelves: A spy novel set in space and a promise of passion. This book was really great. I wish the book had kept up that sexy action vibe that it started with instead of getting caught up in too many miscommunications and misguided suspicions.

Might break a bone, hands already shaking.


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