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The most widely-used standards for specifying concrete masonry units in the United States are published by ASTM. International. These ASTM standards. (ASTM C 1, 1, Concrete brick. (ASTM C 55). 2, 2, * Requirements may be reduced to psi average and psi for individual units. Find the most up-to-date version of ASTM C at Engineering

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I have found most homeowners do not have the skills to fully complete parts of the installation to which they have agreed. However, the installer did not bolt the angles to the foundation, making this installation not acceptable. The first two photos are manufactured homes and the last photo is a modular home:.

Criterium-Cincinnati Engineers

Moisture in the air is in the form of water vapor, which behaves like the other gases in air. For the sump pump system in the photo, it will need replacing. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

With PHSs, the unit is always injecting moisture into the air without the need for moving air to transport the moisture. In other words, it was getting kinda long.

Remember me on this computer. During the winter, if you water supply temperature is colder, not only is water potentially being wasted, it could also be carrying some of the heat you are supplying to the air down the drain. The level of newly set homes and tightness of its piers should also be checked after about six months and a year because the slab or footings could have settled.

Example of a manufactured home bolted to a sole plate. Shims are sometimes used between the middle support piers and the foundation beams. Backdrafting can also impact combustion of some appliances, making them less efficient. Now, consider this point. To properly anchor manufactured and on-frame modular homes with perimeter foundations, the foundation beams need to be anchored to the foundation AND the home structural beams need to be fastened to the foundation beams supporting them.


Even if the sump pump removes the loose water under the slab, as the cardboard shows, the soil will still hold water because that is what soil does.

If the end of the rod had been more solidly welded, the rebar would likely not have pulled asgm. When I went to enter the crawlspace, this view greeted me. We have noted many cases of vertical stacking installation of the shingles.

Cinder blocks

If you cannot dig through it, just go to the conclusions. No distinction was However, also visible are darkened areas in the subfloor boards on top of the joists.

The foundation beams need to be welded fully to the anchors, as can be seen clearly in Photo However, a professional will know more about the conditions to which to test under and will have more sophisticated instruments than a homeowner.

In a properly designed brick veneer wall, a gap is supposed to be installed between the brick veneer and the exterior wall sheathing. This document could also provide legal protection for the installer, although installers should seek legal clarification on that issue. The next day, as is common in c415 area, outdoor temperatures climbed rapidly, as did the humidity levels, ashm in part by recent rain.

The concrete fill needs to have rebar reinforcement installed in the concrete.

As ofASTM aastm more than 30, members, including over 1, organizational members, from more than countries. I will state up front that my firm, Criterium-Cincinnati Engineers, does not support asm and this blog lays out our reasons. Local or state building codes, the International Building Code or the manufacturer instructions should be consulted to determine acceptable methods for how the sole plate is fastened to the foundation.


Example of a foundation beam installed in a pocket on top of a pilaster in a concrete block foundation wall.

Photo 10 shows an example of awtm columns while Photo 11 shows an example of concrete block piers. In turn, the uneven surface can cause tears in the new shingles exposing the inner part of the shingles to weathering, leading to shortened life.

The foundation beams need to be welded fully to the anchors, as can be seen clearly in the above photo.

Whether the water goes into the air or down the drain, you are paying for it. We have a greater selection of widths and lengths available in our warehouse, so it you can’t find the size or length you need in our on-line store; make sure to call or email us at sales sequoia-brass-copper.

But the shims between the middle support piers and the foundation beams are a minimum 4-inch wide hardwood and used in pairs As Photos 4 and 10 show, the foundation beams are located in nearly the same locations as would be the piers for a pier foundation home.

ASTM International – Wikipedia

For homes with wood joists, the joists can be fastened to the sole plate directly, as shown in Photo Piers and steel columns need to have proper footings. Astk sophisticated and expensive methods to determine the extent of damage exist, such as injecting chilled or heated air into the termite tunnels in the wood and viewing the wood using a thermal camera. The usual patch is to smear the flashing seams with tar or roof caulk.

A closer pocket around the beam would prevent the beam from moving sideways.


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