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B 65162E PDF

D External dimensions. D Connections. D Connection of motor. FANUC CONTROL MOTOR AMPLIFIER α series DESCRIPTIONS. B–E. B–E. FANUC AC SPINDLE MOTOR α series PARAMETER MANUAL B– E. FANUC SERVO AMPLIFIER α series DESCRIPTIONS. B–E. FANUC SERVO AMPLIF IER @ series DESCRIPTIONS BE/03 The export of this product is subject to the authorization of the.

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The ordering drawing numbers and specifications of the circuit breakers and magnetic contactors are shown below. F Before opening a door or protective cover of a machine to enable adjustment of the machine, first place the machine in the emergency stop state and check that the motor has stopped. Also, check that no lines are slack. If the power is reconnected without first replacing the failed component, another component may be damaged, making it difficult to locate the original cause of the alarm.

If the input voltage changes, the rated output may not appear even when the input voltage change is within the allowable range.

In this case, the rated output current is High—resolution magnetic pulse coder motor only 3. When mounting a previously removed front cover, take care to mount it on the unit from which it was removed. F Keep the parameter table and spare parts at hand.

Load Meter Voltage LM. For those modifications, see Section 8. F Check that the amplifier is securely mounted in the power magnetics cabinet.

F When operating the machine for the first time, check that the machine operates as instructed. The module uses resistance regeneration that allows energy to be consumed by resistance during motor deceleration regeneration. The flow of cooling air must not be obstructed.


The machine will not operate normally if a fuse or PC board having other than the correct specification code is mounted, or if a fuse or PC board is mounted in the wrong position.

If a regenerative discharge unit with a resistance of 16? A cable to be shielded must be securely connected to the ground plate, using a cable clamp or the like. Rotor inertia of motor [kg? Read the Warning, Caution, and Note thoroughly before attempting to use the machine. From motor power cable M5 screw???? This amplifier series is designed as a device of installation category overvoltage category II.

Based on the 651622e of an investigation made by T? Also, supplementary information is described as a Note. Ensure that the door of the power magnetics cabinet containing the amplifier, and all other doors, are securely closed. Precautions are classified into Warning and Caution according to their bearing on safety.

Fanuc B Manuals User Guides – CNC Manual

Cable Clamp and Shield Processing. Following the instructions given in the maintenance manual, adjust the position and speed detectors for the spindle so that an appropriate waveform is obtained. Recommended noise filters are listed below.

In cases where it is difficult to attach the motor flange to the cabinet machine connected to the system ground, connect the motor flange and frame ground the ground 665162e of the cabinet with a 1. F If the motor makes any abnormal noise or vibration while operating, stop it immediately.

The continuous output rating or continuous operation period of some amplifiers may fall as the ambient temperature increases. M6 65162s M5 screw?????? Note that the specification of the coil voltage of a magnetic contactor may differ depending on the supply voltage 56162e frequency used. F Do not disassemble the amplifier.

There are four types of power supply module, as follows: When a power transformer is to be provided by the user, the power must satisfy the specifications listed below.


Fanuc Servo Amplifier Alpha Series Descriptions 65162E

Based on the obtained input current value, select the equipment to be installed in the PSM input section, such as circuit breaker 1, MCC, and power cable. Be particularly carefull not to jam your fingers between the cabinet and amplifier.

To check whether the machine operates as instructed, first specify a small value for the motor, then increase the value gradually. Regenerative discharge unit This unit is a resistance used to consume energy during motor deceleration regeneration.

In addition, completely seal all cable holes and doors. Motor speed at rapid traverse [min—1] D: The heat sink becomes extremely hot, such that touching it during operation or immediately after power—off is likely to cause a burn. F Before turning on the power, check that the door of the power magnetics cabinet and all other doors are closed.

Fanuc B-65162 Manuals

Check that the supply voltage is within the range specified in this manual, then connect the power supply lines. For details, see 6 in Section 9. Spindle amplifier modules and standard motors that can be used together are shown below.

Action NOTE 1 The groups must be 10 cm or more apart from one another when binding the cables in each group. Then, select a power supply module so 65126e the sum of the multiplication results does not exceed the rated output capacity of the power supply module.

This is because the capacitor unit for power—factor improvement may adversely affect power regeneration.


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