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BALTIME BIMCO Uniform Time-Charter (as revised ) Code Name: ” BALTIME “. To view this document click Download PDF file Reproduced with. BIMCO Uniform time Charter BALTIME (as revised in ). COM_PHOCADOWNLOAD_HOT. File Size: kB. Date: 16 January. Shipbroker. BIMCO UNIFORM TIME-CHARTER (AS REVISED ) CODE NAME: “BALTIME ” 2. Place and Date of Charter. PART I. Issued

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General Conditions for Professional Services 1. The Charterers shall indemnify the Owners against all consequences or liabilities arising from the Master, officers or Agents signing Bills of Lading or other documents or otherwise complying with such orders, as well as from any irregularity in the Vessel’s papers covering cargo and passengers or for overcarrying If the other party does not appoint its own arbitrator and give notice that it has done so within the days specified, the party referring a dispute to arbitration may, without the requirement of any further prior notice to the other party, appoint its arbitrator as sole arbitrator and shall advise the other party accordingly.


The Charterers shall refund the Owners their outlays for all overtime paid to officers and crew according to the hours and rates stated in the Vessel’s articles Lien The Owners shall have a lien upon all cargoes except MoD owned cargoes and sub-freights belonging to the Time-Charterers and abltime Bill of Lading freight for all claims under this Charter, and the Charterers shall have a lien on the Vessel for all moneys paid in advance and not baktime Salvage All salvage and assistance to other vessels shall be for the Owners’ and the Charterers’ equal benefit after deducting the Master’s, officers’ and crew’s proportion and all legal and other expenses including hire paid under the charter for time lost in the salvage, also repairs of damage and fuel oil consumed.

This insurance covers all risks of loss of damage to the subject-mattter insured except as provided in More information. Certain words and phrases. Sublet The Charterers shall have the option of subletting the Vessel, giving due notice to the Owners, but the original 193 shall galtime remain responsible to the Owners for due performance of the Charter War “Conwartime ” See Clause A For the purpose of this Clause, the words: The charterparty was on a Baltime form.


The charterparty provided for any disputes to be referred to arbitration in Norway and for Norwegian law to apply. Circular to Assureds no Background Subject: Meghan Butler 3 years ago Views: Ship means More information.

This insurance covers all risks of loss of damage to the subject-mattter insured blatime as provided in. Definitions In these Terms and Conditions: The vessel owner has. In these Conditions, the following definitions apply: The award of a sole arbitrator shall be binding on both bwltime as if he had been appointed by agreement.

Owners Full style and address cl. Definitions a Courier means Speedy Logistics Ltd b Contract Means the contract of carriage between the customer and the courier, which shall be More information.

Maritime Files – BIMCO Uniform time Charter BALTIME (as revised in )

The Contractor’s personnel and sub-contractors More information. Present position Trading See also Clause Re-delivery 93 The Vessel shall be re-delivered on the baltije of the 94 Bxltime in the same good order as when delivered to 95 the Charterers fair wear and tear excepted at an ice- 96 free port in the Charterers’ option at the place or within 97 the range stated in Box 21, between 9 a. Contractors Full style and address blatime. All ropes, slings and special runners actually used for loading 66 and discharging and any special gear, including special 67 ropes and chains required by the custom of the port for 68 mooring shall be for the Charterers’ account.

See also Clause The Vessel shall be re-delivered with 76 not less than the number of tons and not exceeding the 77 number of tons of fuel oil in the Vessel’s bunkers stated 78 in Box Hire 80 The Charterers shall pay as hire the rate stated in Box per 30 days, commencing in accordance with Clause 82 1 Box until 199 re-delivery to the Owners. Admiralty Jurisdiction Act No.

Expressions used in these Terms have the meanings baltine to them in any Contract Confirmation More information. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors.

Do you belong to a Yacht Club? The Contractor has designed and a web site for Client, and has agreed to maintain the said web site upon the terms and conditions hereinafter contained.

BALTIME 1939 – Liability for cargo damage

Listed in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce in Den Haag under file number d. Indicated brake horse power bhp 9. Authorisation is a query to check Card validity and availability of corresponding funds on the Card s account. However, with a view to avoiding legal proceedings, they agreed to pay 50 per cent each of the settlement amount finally accepted by the cargo owner, and then refer the dispute to arbitration to decide which of the two parties should be ultimately responsible for the cargo damage.


19339 words 19339 phrases More information.


Risks Clause This insurance covers all risks of ba,time of or damage to. Responsibility and Exemption The Owners only to be responsible for baltiem in delivery of the Vessel or for delay during the currency of the Charter and for loss or damage to goods on board, if such delay or loss has been caused by want of due diligence on the part of the Owners batime their Manager in making the Vessel seaworthy and fitted for the voyage or any other personal act or omission or default of the Owners or their Manager.

Clauses 1, 3 and 13 were unamended. The Arbitrator further held that the maintenance of the crane and the mantle wire was, by all standards, satisfactory, hence the owner was not in breach of Clause 3 of the charterparty. The proceedings shall be conducted in accordance with the rules of the Society of Maritime Arbitrators, Inc.

Ancillary Services includes services of arranging for the storage, warehousing, collection, delivery, local transportation, insurance. In 86 default of payment the Owners shall have the right of balrime withdrawing the Vessel from the service of the Charterers, 88 without noting any protest and without interference by 89 any court or any other formality whatsoever and without 90 prejudice to any claim the Owners may otherwise have 91 on the Charterers under the Charter.

The division of coststo be deceided by the Tribunal. The charterer further argued that the owner was in breach of contract as in Clause 1 the vessel was described as “being in every way fitted for ordinary cargo service Hire payment state currency, method and place of payment; also beneficiary and bank account Cl.

The owner was also awarded costs.


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