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In the vein of Mark Kurlansky’s bestselling Salt and Cod, a gripping chronicle of the myth, mystery, and uncertain fate of the world’s most popular fruit. Hudson Street Press, Paperback. Very Good / No Jacket. Item # ISBN: Paperback, very good, no jacket. Dan Koeppel, the author of Banana: The Fate of the Fruit that Changed the World , says the international banana industry only has itself to.

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Feb 19, Anna Bananas! Jul 31, Robert rated it liked it Shelves: Mar 05, Kelli rated it really liked it.

Dan Koeppel

The book kept my interest quite high from beginning to end. Jadi di sini, Saudara-Saudara, dapat kita simpulkan bahwa pisang selaku komoditi agribisnis yang populer bisa menimbulkan petaka yang sama dengan minyak In any case, some koeppeel end with sentences like “this is why the banana you eat today might be the last of its kind you eat. That’s hugely bad for banana stalks, which are reproduced from cuttings, and are all genetically identical for a particular breed! Today’s yellow banana, the Cavendish, is increasingly threatened by such a blight — and there’s no cure in sight.

He is much more comprehensive and provides more solid research arguments. Corn Flakes and Coup dEtats. Jul 22, Erin rated it liked it. However, Europe has a phobia of such bsnana and no one would eat them. This relevance is not a necessarily a negative aspect of the book as it was written for readers at the time, but reading about ideas new to people in such as organic foods or GMOs might bore a reader from dxn already knows a lot on the subject.

The blight is actually a difficult to fight fusarium fungus. Rich cultural lore surrounds the fruit: It’s on my list of books to pick up next time I’m stationary.

Entire Central American nations have been said to rise and fall over the banana. A Long Way from Panama Aug 21, Sarah Jane rated it it was ok Shelves: It’s not quite a page-turner, but I learned much. And there is some softness in the translations of ancient writings. That’s hugely bad for banana stalks. There was a problem adding your email address.


Banana: The Fate of the Fruit That Changed the World

Be the first to discover new talent! The political implications of banana production, the fact that the banana as we know it may soon cease bsnana exist altogether, a bit of banana history – these are the parts that managed to hol Do you ever get to the middle of a book and think to yourself, Why on earth am I reading this?

The political implications of dxn production, the fact that the banana as we know it may soon cease to exist altogether, a bit of banana banans – these are the parts that managed to hold my attention. A gripping biological detective story that uncovers the myth, mystery, and endangered fate of the world’s most humble fruit To most people, a banana is a banana: It’s a shame, too, because this is a huge, important topic, and the author’s not inconsiderable talents are well-used in bringing bnaana facts to light.

Oct 21, bup rated it liked it Shelves: Published January 1st by Hudson Street Press first published It gave the story of corporate imperialism where countries and governments were kkeppel. The chapters are linked very loose in chronology and switch topics left and right, leaving the reader confused. Being a father of four curtain climbers, and a large consumer of banana’s, I found the book very interesting and easy to read.

Although Koeppel Koeppel’s book is not bad, but it’s also not great.

It’s well written and carefully researched and the story is a fascinating and horrifying one, and a window into the questionable human soul. Contents Kofppel God Created the Banana.

Banana by Dan Koeppel | : Books

This tendency is stronger when the tongue is loosened by Merlot, as I fear it will be at the book club. I liked that the author was willing to keep koeppel interesting even at the cost of uneven chapter lengths and sudden transitions.


Yasher Ko’ach Ben Koeppel for writing a book that matters.

Retrieved from ” https: Then, the biggest breed of banana got a disease! I think bananas are a really intriguing and important product that could tell us a bunch intended about the interlinked character of twentieth century American imperialism and capitalism, but kosppel lazy book doesn’t ever rise to the challenge.

This is a good book if you want to know about Chiquita, but not Dole. If you liked the book “Salt” you will probably find this book just as engrossing.

That is the central question. The fourth section deals with the switch to the Cavendish banana the banana we eat today and the rebranding of the Banana Republics to the tamer Chiquita and Dole brands.

Straightening Out the Business. We are experiencing technical difficulties. Banana boats – with their built-in cooling rooms to preserve the bananas – were the first Carribean cruise ships in the s. Perhaps it’s not perfect, but this is clearly a thoughtfully researched, accessible and meaningful book, and one that illustrates unwaveringly and yet banqna and without evangelical fervor, the dangers of our western corporate and agricultural practices.

Dan Koeppel is a well-known outdoors, nature, and adventure writer who has written for the New York Times KoelpelOutsideAudubonPopular Scienceand National Geographic Adventurewhere he is a contributing editor. Isolationists particularly encouraged to apply! The author claims it is the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden translations in Hebrew and from the Koran.

But my favorite genre is the history micro-history, where a single event spiders out in all directions, often with interesting unintended consequences. I learned a lot from this book.


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