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Fast paced with good historical content. Ben Mezrich has great style and say with words to engrossing you into his stories. Straight flush is no exception. In “Straight Flush,” Ben Mezrich follows a bunch of fraternity buddies through the rise and fall of what they hoped would be an online poker. After writing about MIT students who took Las Vegas for millions and the founding of Facebook, Ben Mezrich turns to online poker. “Straight.

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I feel like the only reason Haley Hintze has a problem with that is she feels there is an agenda placing a plane crash there. The author has a unique talent for adding fictional overtones mezruch factual events in order to make the work more entertaining to read.

Exclusive: Ben Mezrich Discusses Straight Flush, Truth About Absolute Poker, and More

His most famous book is The Accidental Billionaires: I had everybody talking to me. But then after he was more resolved about it. Each time a book comes out there will be a certain set of journalists who will angrily write straigh it, while others will love it.

Wonderful book about absolutepoker. Also that was another party claiming they were involved. So I never had an issue with it legally.

But were they involved in ? It’s a very puerile book.


Straight Flush (book) – Wikipedia

I liked it and thought it fit with what I typically write. Anytime anyone loses they assume someone is cheating. But I get the nagging suspicion that there merich a fluxh more story the author was trying to tell.

What’s more, like poker itself, the frat brother’s plight illustrates how large a part luck actually plays in success. The narrative surely glosses over many of the fine points with regard to how Scott Tom and his college buddies took AbsolutePoker.

‘Straight Flush’ by Ben Mezrich

After you are done with the story then read the first chapter and the epilogue. However, he did pass that rule that no one was allowed to come to the U.

May 15, Lawrence O’flahavan added it. Famous Pros Retire 9. It was mzrich interviewing Wall Street guys, not like interviewing cowboys or hicks or anything like that. You mention Garin and Pete both pitched the story. I felt bad for Brent. Fast paced with good historical content.

A decent if flawed book. In addition the pace of the writing was such that it moved at breakneck speed and never let up. He had access to everything.

The story revolves around a handful of Montana fraternity brothers who create an online goldmine, the poker ven Absolute Poker. They confronted Scott about the cheating and so Scott got on the plane to go. I like to describe it as a prohibition company.


Straight Flush by Ben Mezrich – Penguin Books Australia

Did you notice a big difference in attitude between the two? There are IP logs, emails, and a lot more out there than the story you painted. The story is ok, the writing mezgich ok not great, but ok – neither is spectacular enough for me to keep reading.

In late June, I had the opportunity to sit down with Mezrich in his office in Boston for an exclusive interview. After I realized that, I was disappointed, but I hate leaving things unfin I’m embarrassed to admit that I was literally one-third of the way through this book before I realized that it wasn’t the mzerich I thought it was: If you enjoyed reading Bringing Down the House, you will likely enjoy reading this mezeich.

Would I have done what they did? I think that is a fair way to write it in the book. It was a bad law that snuck in there and was entirely a etraight grab. I was thrilled they wanted to be so open and tell the story.

They know it will be written like a thriller. Preview — Straight Flush by Ben Mezrich.


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