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Read Bewitched, Bothered & Bevampyred 2: Fangs Again book reviews & author details and more at Free delivery on qualified orders. Bewitched, Bothered & Be-Vampyred By Mary Jo Putney Vicki Lewis Thompson Gena Showalter Patricia RiceMaryJanice Dav. Bewitched Bothered & Bevampyred by Mary Jo Putney, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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She knew she was sick of teaching the Fighting Fairies and she knew she would never get beqitched again. What the hell were they doing?

The wolf snarled viciously at his sudden movement and crouched low. She poured a little more from the Waring blender. The sparkle of fairy dust spattered his skin like botthered million fireflies. He made her feel twenty again.

Great Goddess, could they never get along? The buttercup yellow material pooled at her feet. Maria leaned back against the plastic chair, her mind whirling. Claudia hated her for that. Mavis rose up on her toes and brushed a fleck of dirt off his cheek. Never, in all her years as a married woman, had she ever seen anything so outrageous. Still holding the bone, Romeo sprinted away. When are you going to learn to just ignore her? Was this an opportunity to make Joe jealous? Bewitfhed was so bevampyerd standing there and looking a bit flustered and disheveled.


Her other sister, Gerda, anchored her hands on her hips bevampjred frowned. Vanderlight, do you wish to mail these packages or not? Eyebrows raised in question, Vanessa swung around to face him. I know the glitter of gold is what got to you. This one was hard for me to read.

Books by Mary Jo Putney.

Wanna read it and so I shall! Deadly moans echoed across the distance.

Bewitched, Bothered and Bevampyred

bevam;yred Susan Grant Goodreads Author Contributor. Mar 08, Tami rated it really liked it. On the other side of the bowl, the vampyre groaned. It had been years since a beautiful young man had rubbed anything on her body.

The slight smell of mustard and ketchup wafted through the air. Perfectly chiseled cheekbones, perfectly sloped nose.

Bewitched Bothered & Bevampyred : Mary Jo Putney :

Just then, Seth groaned and scratched at his chest. I think the wolves are out again. Putney has published twenty-nine books and counting.

He kept moaning her name over and over until she thought she would scream. She turned the face away and ran to the door. He was totally awesome, after all, especially from her vantage point at knee height. The wolf tilted her head back and let out a shrill howl, sending an uncontrollable tremble through his body.


I have a lovely glove where we can cuddle. Her immediate departure forgotten, Maria took notice. Naked vampires, screaming harpies, deadly ponies.

Bewitched, Bothered & BeVampyred Anthology – FictionDB

Or something like that. But you and I Out walked Vanessa, with a sphinx-like cool expression on her face, spritzing Chanel No. Hillde paced her bedroom, steps clipped. How else could she be expected to properly traverse the spirit world and give them accurate readings? It was an impressive sight—enough to make any girl swoon. Jean-Luc had bought the tiny skirt and jacket because he had said it made her legs look long and sexy. Bewitches looked nervously around.

Are you going jogging today? She jumped the steps into her house two at a time. Fairy lights were clever as well as useful.


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