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The world first came to know regarding the existence of the manuscript on Vimanas by Maharishi Bharadwaja through the report of Shri K N N. Details as to how to make these vimanas in flight invisible through smoke screens are given in Vimanasastra of Maharshi Bharadwaja. “Further description and. Details as to how to make these vimanas in flight invisible through smoke screens are given in Vimanasastra of Maharshi Bharadwaja. “Further.

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Through the hole in the chemically purified bead, sensitive wires should be passed and attached to the end beads in various directions. And in the northern mouth should be fixed the 2 reverse motion wheels. In the functioning of the vimaana, there are 7 distinct operating forces. Thereby their bodies are relieved of harmful materials likely to lead to diseases.

A triangular shaped 1 foot sized mirror made of Aadarsha glass should be fixed on the 3rd kendra. Wires should be passed from the centre in all directions. Diwakar of Behar, Maharaja of Kashi, Dr.

First the triple wheeled mechanism should be switched on. These are the crystals suitable for being fixed as crest-jewels of the vimaana. Then the betelnut oil should be lighted, and fluxed in the jyoti stamhha or light-pillar. Bodas, a pilot, and Ameya Jadhav, who holds in an M. He claimed that the manuscripts were several thousands of years old, compiled by ancient rishis, Bharadwaja, Narada and others, dealing, not with the mysticism of ancient Hindu philosophy of Atman or Brahman, but with more mundane things vital for the existence of man and progress of nations both in times of peace bharaewaja war.

It also omits the first half of the book, consisting of over a hundred pages of Sanskrit, which, in my mind at least, is the most notable part of the book. India was then under British rule. We thank God for His gracious favour.

Full text of “The Vimanika (PDFy mirror)”

Then by the contact of the electric current the forces within the crystal and the acid will get active and their p. Similarly it effects the 7 physiological components of the human body and increases their vigour, strength, growth, and glow. In other words, they look vimqna typical early 20 th century fantasy flying machines with an Indian twist.


That will set the double wheels in motion. To the west of it the image-reflector should be placed. Pata-prasaarana at the bottom centre. This machine is composed of 6 wheels spread out, 5 naalaas or tubes, 12 wires and 12 openings, and 12 keys which will cause contraction of the 12 parts, with widened mouth at the upper and lower parts, and provided with 2 revolving keys.

Thereby, whastra the acid there will be generated a female shakti of 5 nyankas called sowlikaa.

India Did NOT Invent The World’s Oldest Plane. Here Is Proof!

It contains shlokas in 8 chapters which Shastry bharadwsja was psychically delivered to him by the ancient Hindu sage Bharadvaja. The metal bhaarahana is produced by mixing numbers 7, 1 1, and 6 in the three groups in the proportion of 5, 12, and 7, mixing with borax, and melting in the crucible.

That is no way for a journalist to judge persons.

Of them, number 5, known as antarmukha or inward-mouthed, is prescribed for melting the root-metals. Mingling with the rowhinee shakti therein a super-force will be created which should be passed through the northern pivot, into the rowhinee power vessel.

Josyer’s manuscripts bhararwaja in elaborate detail about food processing from various indigenous materials like grass, vegetables and leaves for human consumption, particularly during times of famine. This includes items such as monkey shaztra, eagle bones, sea-foam, and many that are only named in Sanskrit. But his activities had to remain confined. To be really of value the volume had to include the Sanskrit original, its translation in English as demanded by western readers, and sketches showing the designs of the Vimanas for further clarification.

The barks of suitable trees, leather, thick cloth made from milk cream, bark of areca-nut palm tree, and trinetra bael? When kendra, 9 is switched on the koshas attached thereto will become active.

When the contents have unified and become properly fluid, it should be poured through the nozzle into the crucible mould, and allowed to rest. Yet another set of slokas deals with the kind of food and viman to be provided for pilots to keep them efficient and fit in air flying conditions.

The power of the solar rays entering that vessel mingles with the marthanda shakti inside, and the resultant force has bharadsaja be focussed towards the adverse force of the etherial current which will be thereby nullified and the vimaana will be protected. These ancient types of aircraft are provided with necessary cameras to take pictures of approaching enemy planes.


The Vymaanika-Shaastra: Foreword

Above there should be fixed an oiling tube which will keep all the springs well-oiled. The central pole, two tubular posts on either side of it, electric wire in eastern centre, p. Apasmaara or poison gas at the sandhi-naala mukha or junction tube front.

There is an intriguing list of Vimana capabilities, particularly what we today call countermeasures, This includes means to view remote images on screens, listen to remote sounds, disguise the vimana as clouds or other images, create terrifying sounds, and so on. A pilot should acquaint himself thoroughly with them before P- 3 he can be deemed competent to handle the aeroplane. By projecting apasmaara poison-fume smoke through the tube on the north side on the Vimana, and discharging it with stambhana-yantra, people in enemy planes will be made unconscious.

By turning the concerned wheel the petals will move towards the centre and form a lotus. A few chapters deal with construction of villages, cities and towns, fortresses, palaces and temples. However, even if this book is an elaborate modern creation, it doesn’t invalidate the mystery of vimanas. Of interest is the discussion of flying through the various yugas epochs: We replied, “Please wire 1 dollars, and then come.

Each of these types had been fully described.

Retrieved from ” https: Bees wax, mica, shinjeera, vajra, borax, and ashoka fruit should be boiled, and their oil mixed with the other composition, and boiled in garbhataapana vmana. Similarly Aamlahana is produced by taking numbers 11,8, and 4 in the three groups in the proportion of 20, 12, 36, and melting with borax in the crucible. One of them is to be fitted to the central pinnacle at the top of the vimaana, and the wires from the electric dynamo should be connected to it, so that it might be supplied with bharadwaia.


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