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‘Compulsively gripping Tudor murder mysteries As a plot with a clutch of steel pulls you through dramatic twists and turns and vivid, knowledgeable, widely. Revelation: A Matthew Shardlake Tudor Mystery [C. J. Sansom] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Matthew Shardlake Tudor Mystery. Revelation is a historical mystery novel by British author C. J. Sansom. It is Sansom’s fifth novel, and the fourth in the Matthew Shardlake Series. Set in .

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Another revelahion from Sansom, though I confess that it is not one of my favourites, not because it lacks excitement and mystery, but because of a surfeit of gory details.

After working in a variety of jobs, he decided to retrain as a solicitor. The storyline is gripping, and the threads of the plot come together superbly well. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Gruesome deaths the like of which they have never seen. Why has the boy suddenly flipped? The author has a gift for weaving the historical backstory sanosm the mystery and generating a very evocative atmosphere of London in the 16th century.

One of the best things about these books is the delightful way the author saneom all the details of the lifestyle of Tudor England. A little heavy on the religious side as the mystery involves passages from the bible but it’s not preachy.

I think the book was somewhat bogged down by its length. After pages I realized that I accidentally read this novel out of order, I had yet to read Sovereignhowever it was too good of a story and too late to stop. The young woman was bemoaning the bruising and pain this device had caused her. View all 6 comments. The mystery was very well-done and the chase for the killer was exciting. As with Dissolution, the other book from this series that I’ve read, the history in this story is much stronger than the mystery.

It happens everytime I pick up one of these books. Devotees will live in hope.


Morse in doublet and hose

Called in to attend to the bizarre case of a young boy imprisoned for madness and suspected of suffering from demonic possession, when Shardlake discovers the slain body of his best friend in a frozen fountain, he is once again caught between the machinations of the Tudor court, where Henry VIII has s In his fourth outing, hunchback lawyer Matthew Shardlake is up against a gruesome serial killer intent on bringing forth the prophecies of Revelation through a series of Biblical-inspired killings.

Victims are selected and given horrific deaths in accordance with these Biblical teachings. His peculiar and desperate behaviour having landed him in The Bedlam, Shardlake is appointed to the boys case and he must solve the riddle of this young man’s mind before the conservative powers would have him burned or some such other grisly fate.

I always learn a lot reading Sansom.


For other sansim it would be appropriate and interesting, and while I do agree with its appropriateness as the country was alive with religious debate I would not agree with it being interesting. Mathew’s good friend, another lawyer, is found killed and left in a fountain near their quarters and Mathew has promised his wife that he will find the killer.

They interact in believable, thought provoking conversations and are tested in various ways by each turn of events. So, no, pouty lips and following dumb celebrities is not new at all. This book is filled with twists and revelatiin, it couldn’t put it down.

In Book 3 of this series, Matthew is invited to a “sugar party”. I mean who would have thought you could be reading a novel set in a time of burnings and beheadings for faith in a time of the resurgence of a faith which preaches beheadings and burnings Sansom brings Tutor England to life and makes us see what a difficult time it was in which to live.

sanwom Shouldn’t these books be read in order if they are a serial? I like this aspect because it means you can leave a gap between reading the next one. Reveoation vows to bring the killer to justice but there is much more to th In this installment, it is the year and Matthew Shardlake, the hunchback lawyer, has been promoted to Serjeant in the Court of Requests by Archbishop Cranmer. Sansom is an excellent writer, and his book are immensely satisfying.


Mathew Shardlake snasom a lawyer working with a couple whose son has been sent to Bedlam because he refuses to stop praying on the streets and Mathew is trying to get his conditions improved and samsom hooked him up with his doctor. He has a doctorate in history and a previous career as a lawyer, but wears his considerable expertise lightly. This Shardlake centres on religious mania, apocalyptic expectations, and the affect on people of new interpretations of sin from radical Protestants.

But this time the object of his affections is resisting. Feb 27, John Wiltshire rated it it was amazing. Nov 20, C.

Revelation (Sansom novel) – Wikipedia

As more murders come to sanso the pressures mount to find the killer. And I always leave them feeling thoroughly satisfied with the way he’s tidied things up at the end. Within this maelstrom, Matthew and Barak are confronted with an all new horror. Sansom’s Matthew Shardlake series. Though it is expertly done, this is only part of the attraction of the novel for me.

Another great read in the Shardlake series. The historical aspects of the time are very well done, and I got a great sense of the religious tensions and fear that must have pervaded London and King Henry VIII got nuttier and nuttier.

Revelation by C. J. Sansom | : Books

His work brings him in contact with some history’s lesser-known people: The stories are no I may consistently give these C. Too much romance and a lame drama at that Sansim all 5 comments.

Mar 29, Nira Ramachandran rated it it was amazing. This time Matthew Shardlake is recalled for a mission by Thomas Cramer.


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