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Early Childhood 3 – 6. In an Infant / Toddler community two age ranges can be distinguished: Nido (2. About Heutink. Together with us. Nienhuis Montessori was founded in

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Instead of having an external force judging him, the child relies on the impersonal judgement that comes from his senses. Learning is in the details Nienhuis Montessori, the original Montessori craft. The products and brands of the Heutink Group are made at different production locations in the Netherlands, China and Sri Lanka. The use of colors and shapes helps children concentrate and makes learning fun.

Learning is in the details

You are now subscribed with the email address: Rhythm exercises, making music, dancing and singing should be an integrated part of the curriculum. Practical Life When children come into the world, their first function is to adapt to montessoru environment so that they may become a member of the human group to which they uniquely belong.

All other countries Are you montdssori to buy Nienhuis Montessori materials from any other country? The original Montessori craft About us. A place in which they should feel at home and secure. We think a classroom should not be a museum, but a dynamic learning environment where children will be challenged and inspired to learn new things. What else do we contribute? This website makes use of cookies to enhance browsing experience and provide additional functionality.


Glue And Paste Box. Children feel a natural drive to develop and need to be given the opportunity to do so freely. Biology In the first three years of life, children have absorbed a limitless wealth of impressions, taking in all the elements of the world around them. Our extensive range of crafting materials enable children to be creative, use their imagination and explore their artistic performance. Infant Toddler Dressing Frame: Just about anything you might need to keep your classroom in the best possible neinhuis.

A supportive environment Gradually the children reveal qualities such as intense concentration, precise movement, a sense of order, self discipline and respect for others.

This last point eliminates the need for correction by a teacher, a feature that has become a mainstay of traditional education.

You probably have met me somewhere around the globe montessofi one of the montesori Montessori conferences or congresses. Child Care Sri Lanka Heutink offers financial support to improve the opportunity for good education for the children of the employees of our factory in Sri Lanka, Nienhuis Asia.

The classes focus on how to observe the child and how to offer appropriate activities. Gross and fine movement skills as well as coordination form the basis for later learning. Assortment Where to buy? This means we follow strict quality procedures and care for the environment.

Register now Visit webshop. Curriculum Support To complete and support the Montessori curriculum a wide range of curriculum support materials is being offered.


They give children a sensorial experience of the abstraction that is mathematics. Explore our materials at the new Nienhuis.

The Global Standard

We believe that imprecise materials cripple understanding. Montessori is a philosophy.

This is what Maria Montessori would have done when she would still be alive. Movement Gross and fine movement skills as well as coordination form the basis for later learning.

Our new material development. Geography With the Geography Materials, the child is given the facts of his physical world — that it is a sphere, that this sphere is composed of land masses and bodies of water, that these have different forms and that these forms have names. Click below link to enter the new webshop.

Request a catalogue

We are happy to sent you one! Just about everything you might need to keep your classroom complete and in the best possible condition. About our products Shop cwtalogue products. We have seen children totally change as they acquire a love for things and as their sense of order, discipline, and self-control develops within them Each child is unique.


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