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Creates a PDF document from a text block containing CFML and HTML. You should use the cfdocument tag (with format=”PDF”) to generate the PDF by I could fake print-resolution by making a large image and scaling it in HTML. You can convert HTML-based reports into PDF or by wrapping the HTML in the cfdocument start.

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Ccfdocument unit for the pageHeight, pageWidthand margin attributes: This scope contains the following variables:. The cfdocument tag converts everything between its start and end tags into PDF or FlashPaper output format and returns it to the browser or saves it to a file. Email Required, but never shown.

It also needs cfdkcument use a specified font, OCR-B, so that a line of text on the printed form can be machine scanned. Use the userpassword attribute to specify a password that users must enter to view the document. Do not embed fonts. Page type into which ColdFusion generates the report: Also without the parent div tag to control how layout elements scale, changing the dimension of one absolutely positioned div within the PDF can easily alter the position or size of other divs, which can be very frustrating if you have 20 or 30 elements that all need to be precisely positioned.

Create the directories in the path before you specify the file. I tried a bunch that already seemed to be recognized, none worked. Specify AllowModifyAnnotations to let viewers add comments to the document.


Generating Accurate PDFs Using Cfdocument – Nando @ Aria Media

Embed all fonts except Java fonts and core fonts. Within a section, use the cfdocumentitem cfdocumenf to specify unique headers and footers for each section and a page break before each section, as the following example shows: These options apply to PDF only. Here is some sample code:. For optimal performance and reliability, Adobe recommends that you specify a local file URL for images stored on the server.

Here is some sample code: You cannot specify both the src and srcfile attributes. Specifies whether ColdFusion overwrites an existing file. What I really like about this approach is that each of the text blocks winds up very close to the top and left dimensions specified, and the ACF and Lucee outputs are nearly identical.

A big thanks to Michael Hnat for pointing me in the right direction regarding Lucee cfdocumen his very helpful blog post. When using cfdocumentsectionall text in the document must be enclosed within cfdocumentsection tags.

Generating Accurate PDFs Using Cfdocument

The cfdocumentitem attribute applies to the entire document, as follows: It would be optimal if anything you produce in a browser will look exactly the same in the cfdocument generated PDF.

If you are not using cfdocumentsection covered nextthen where you place the cfdocumentitem in your HTML will make a difference as to how it hhml the entire document.

If the tag is in the middle of the document, it applies to the rest of the document. At its simplest, you can stick some text between the opening and closing tags of cfdocument there is currently no built-in cfdocument script equivalent and it will render a PDF to the screen. Specify one of the following:.


This format prints each page as a bitmap, so printing can be slower. Setting Page Attributes cfdocument has attributes that allow you to set margins, page size, page orientation, and passwords. Specify one of the following: Of course, the above approach for Lucee 4.

Each document section starts cdocument a new page.


Specifies whether bookmarks are created in the document: After you have saved the content as a PDF, use cfheader and cfcontent in combination to output the PDF as an attachment “Save As” and add the file to the response stream. Specify AllowAssembly to enable users to create bookmarks and thumbnails, as well as insert, delete, and rotate pages.

It can be one of the following values:. The margin attributes override margins specified in previous sections or in the parent cfdocument tag.

View Help PDF adobe. Used to identify the request client software. Specifies the report format. This attribute is available only if you have integrated OpenOffice with ColdFusion. Left margin in inches default or centimeters. LocalUrl is set to true to easily pull in a logo image from the local file system. Saving printable reports in files.


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