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By: Christopher Penczak. Series: Penczak Temple Series #1 Explore your Inner Temple—your personal sacred space where there are no boundaries and all. Explore your Inner Temple–your personal sacred space where there are no Christopher Penczak is an award-winning author, teacher, and healing. A very special year long intensive apprenticeship in the science of witchcraft. Build a strong and solid foundation for your magickal work through the perspective.

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Explore your Inner Temple–your personal sacred space where there are no boundaries and all things are possible.

I found his writing style very comforting, it felt like we were sitting at a table discussing witchcraft over a cup of coffee. To Ride a Silver Broomstick: Temple of Witchcraft 1. Christopher gives you the tools to transform your life without shaking a finger at you and telling you “You must do christophef or else!

But what I liked most about this book is it seeks out to scien How many wonderful things can I say about this book? He is the founder of the Temple of Witchcraft tradition and system of magick Christopher Penczak is a Witch, teacher, writer and healing practitioner.

A general criticism of Penczak’s Temple of Witchcraft series is that he spends far too many opening chapters presenting history lessons. He doesn’t come across as holier than thou by any chrlstopher but is very knowled I have read many, many books on witchcraft and always felt lacked depth and real meaning.


Even if you’re not seeking to become a Witch, working through the self-strengthening activities can be of great benefit to your overall well-being, health and outlook.

You can read this item using any of the following Kobo apps and devices: We are working our way through this book and it is absolutely amazing, as christophef Christopher and his High Priestess, Alix. As a relative newcomer to this Path, I found The Inner Temple of Witchcraft to be an incredible resource and a relief from all those books that tell you that you MUST do something so-and-so’s way. I ordered the entire Temple of Witchcraft series at once – and, of course, I picked up this one first to start at the beginning.

I will re Had Christopher Penczak’s brilliant works been published decades ago, I would not have struggled at all in exploring, learning and living my path! Dec 07, Jaqui rated it it was amazing Shelves: The title should be at least 4 characters long.

The Inner Temple of Witchcraft: Magick, Meditation and Psychic Development by Christopher Penczak

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. When I got involved in Wicca, the traditions I The exercises didn’t grab me as much as those in other books.

About Christopher Penczak Christopher Penczak is an award-winning author, teacher, and healing practitioner.

Oct 02, Erth rated it liked it. I am really impressed with how Christopher presents information from his own research and personal experience.

The Inner Temple of Witchcraft : Magick, Meditation and Psychic Development

Awaken Your Psychic Abilities. The Inner Temple of Witchcraft Meditation: Jun 21, Maggi Horseman rated it really liked it.


Temple of Witchcraft 4 books. This book literally changed the way I practice my spirituality. They will, literally, open up new worlds for the reader.

The Inner Temple of Witchcraft: Magick, Meditation and Psychic Development

A simple guide to witchcraft, magic, rituals and Wiccan beliefs. Four introductory chapters present the history, traditions, and principles of witchcraft, followed by thirteen lessons that start with basic meditation techniques and culminate in a self-initiation ceremony equivalent to the first-degree level of traditional coven-based witchcraft. With study, dedication, and practice, the lessons and exercises in this book will empower you to transform the repetitive rigors of the daily grind into a witch’s web of magickal experiences.

Chris puts forth quite a bit of info and gives you or so pages to digest it. It’s a fun read if you’re interested in that stuff; extremely inspiring and exciting, although–again–without very meaningful depth. I like this author. Sep 16, Milky rated it really liked it. All of the chapters are great, with additional readings and exercises though some of the exercises do require a partner, which I did not have.

Llewellyn Worldwide – The Inner Temple of Witchcraft: Product Summary

Sep 24, Devon rated it it was ok. Sign up to receive special offers and promotions from Llewellyn. A Guidebook to Advanced Wicca. Cunningham’s Book of Shadows:


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