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‘Connect the Dots’ is a collection of inspiring stories of 20 entrepreneurs written by Rashmi Bansal. The book focuses on the idea of strong will against wit and is . Connect The Dots By Rashmi Bansal Online. Book Details: Language: English Published, Isbn: , Release Date Publication. a book review on “connect the dots” by rashmi bansal.

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Ranjiv Ramchandani did it. It tells the stories of courage, determination and inspiration of 20 people from different backgrounds who chose to become entrepreneurs without doing an MBA. From this book I came to know the story of the man who started it. See all reviews. I feel the reason for the inverted title is to show how these people who rose to success connected the dots in their lives which many times seemed upside down or confusing.

This book will motivate you follow your dreams no matter what may come your way because one day when it’s your last day and you’re lying waiting for death, you will regret not doing all those things that you really wanted to do in your life but somehow allowed society pressure to overpower y 20 Humans doing what they love and loving what they do.

Product description Product Description Mahima Rawhmi did it. And, what’s nice about the book is that it gives a sense of reality maybe, only for Indians yet thrilling.

Connect The Dots

The book is divided into 3 parts “Jugaad” “Junoon” and “Zubaan”. There was dotd problem filtering reviews right now. Quotes aside, the articulation and vocabulary is clearly targeted towards Indian audience only.


Jun 05, Purnima rated it really liked it Shelves: Audible Download Audio Books. In any new project the first few years are really challenging and one should be ready for that.

Follow the Author

All we and they care about is how much average salary package of college is. Somehow, that preserved the authenticity of the interview. Connrct you read it all the book shows off all types of people, passions and crazy decisions. May it be Food,cosmetics, hospitality, service, retail,Film making,passion, et al with no clear vision or knowledge where they were headed to just hanging on to their intuition and gut and learning all throughout their journeys and due to that you learn something out of it, too.

Customers who bought this item also bought. Whatever amount of money you have, if you do not have peace, it is of no use. Aug 02, Vijaya Bharthi rated it really liked it.

She also conducts motivational talks and youth insight seminars for corporates. Refresh conject try again. Rashmi does seem to have a lot of admiration for him. Like i always say Rastu is the dogs.

Connect The Dots eBook: rashmi Bansal: : Kindle Store

I am very much thankful to Rashmi Bansal for taking all the efforts to narrate these stories and make such motivational stories available to everyone. Unknowingly, every experience of an author unveils a special connection to me.

Transition of Thoughts Weaving thoughts into words. Paperbackpages. Sep 15, Aditya Kumar rated it liked it. Suresh Kamat’s Laser Soft Technologies hired disabled. Few pages on what they did, how they did and the difficulties they faced finally ending up with a small advice given by each of the entrepreneurs. Some of the accounts are rashmmi personal and extremely warm to read.

Your review highlights this point very well.


Nice review,will definitely give it a read! But today B-Schools are churning out only managers. Connect the Dots tells us the story of people who trusted in themselves and grew to be truly inspirational success stories. The book is a collection of 20 successful individuals recounting their life experience as entrepreneurs. Rashmi Bansal has done very good job in collecting the personal experiences of all of them.

There are some visible mistakes not factual out there which put me off. How about one which connecct you “air time” and rushes adrenaline through your endocrine system. The book is inspirational as the readers are sure to get totally involved in the unique spirit that drove these people to the heights of success.

Collection of india entrepreneur interviews. Enabled Average Customer Review: Sep 16, Megana Varma rated it liked it. It’s an awe inspiring book, makes one to sit and keep turning the connecy to know more and more about the “my life, my way” attitude. The nine stories covered in this section give us a glimpse of the steely resolve of people who tried to do things differently from what others in their chosen industry normally do.

In his speech, Jobs said, ‘You can’t connect the dots by looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. I feel, the most common thing among all such successful entrepreneurs is that they started with some routine kind of job and then they decided to take a plunge in their interest.

Book is written more like a dialogue and enjoyable.


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