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Dan Fante, who died on on Monday aged 71, was one of the American His subsequent “Bruno Dante” novels – Chump Change, Mooch. When he finds out his father is in a coma, aspiring writer and part-time drunk Bruno Dante, fresh from the nuthouse, must head to Los Angeles for a fraught f. The book follows the exploits of Bruno Dante. In New York his life is a train wreck and is turned into an upheaval when he gets the call from Los Angeles that his.

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Description When he finds out his father is in a coma, aspiring writer and part-time drunk Bruno Dante, fresh from the nuthouse, must head to Los Angeles for a fraught family reunion in Dan Fante’s Chump Change. Ask the Dust was released but floundered without promotion and Stackpole Sons eventually went bust. I’d go so far as to say this is a kind of fantr to Brotherhood of the Grape. He insisted that I attend twelve-step meetings.

He immediately began “selling” me, reciting the statistics of how successful and hip Dav-Ko had become since I’d left.

Koffman was a fane, an ace business guy, almost seven feet tall, and an unashamed homosexual. And knowing that he has an autobiographical basis means that author Dan Fante is really putting himself out there. Thankfully, having written the original document, the book itself is our point of reference in writing the movie. He was most widely read not in his home country, as is so often the case, but Italy, France and the UK.


Dan Fante: underground writer expressed madness of the US workplace

To ask other readers questions about Chump Changeplease sign up. The message of these books, he told me in an interview in The complete lack of self pity and the amazing trials of his own life prevent the book from becoming hagiographic or unnecessary.

He seems to show more compassion to his father’s dying dog than to any of his family or even himself. David Koffman picked up the phone when I called in and remembered me right away. The sheer speed and variety of his life seems to break not just the rules of human endurance, but also the laws of physics. But make no mistake, what I said above still holds sway, to at least some extent. The spending was a ditto of his father’s spending and changge money.

If that’s not the definition of a card-carrying cocksucker then I don’t know what the hell is?

Dan Fante, Confronting His Demons On The Page : NPR

Kassim began waving his copy of my stats. Art of Loving Erich Fromm. But his major achievement, Ask the Dust, sells a couple of thousand copies and goes out of print fast. But there they were. Along with really good, angry, take no B. Now I was dizzy.

Dan Fante, Confronting His Demons On The Page

If you start, don’t stop. Without hesitation my lips composed the necessary lies. With a style reminiscent of Charles Bukowski and a similar predilection for vice, author Dan Fante has carved out a successful literary career by writing novels based on his experiences as a recovering alcoholic and drug addict.


There is a tiny flicker of flame in Bruno near the end that is worth seeing. The Perennial Philosophy Aldous Huxley. You drove for an ex-CEO? And, by having an option on one or more of his books, they might become rich. Following Bruno through his hell on earth is riveting. He’d never been much for telephone chitchat so he came right to the point and wanted to know my work history since I’d been with Dav-Ko. Y decir Fante significa hablar de su padre. Instead of taking a single famte, he has lived multiple lives within one span, so that fsnte the outsider his biography seems like an endless overlapping smear of events rather changee a causal chain.

What I liked dqn about his father’s work is John Fa I fail to see how this is such a revered book. We briefly hear of Katya Kokoff, an ex-girlfriend: And I’ll pay the cleaning bill for your jacket too. Dan Fante began writing novels when he was forty-two years-old.

It took forty-eight hours before he finally made an appearance at the hospital. During his telemarketing peak he was earning more than a hundred thousand dollars a year. Just the more interesting ones. But it could also be a product of coming to novels late.


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