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Find great deals for DATRON A Digital Mulitmeter. Shop with confidence on eBay!. This is a GENUINE Datron , A, & Digital Multimeters Calibrating & Operation Manual (printed in ). This manual contains super illustrations. COMPUTE-. The Datron , A and AUTOCAL multi-function, microprocessor controlled digital voltmeters (DVM) are high precision measuring.

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Chang- ing the voltage applied to varicap D9 alters its capacitance, thus adjusting the LC of the Colpitts oscillator. Thus there is no voltage across Rz and consequently no current in Rz.

DATRON 1061 Digital Multimeter

Per Assy Ri oo c. The major system state consists of the range, function, resolution, filter, ratio, autorange, etc. The technique used in the Autocal Voltmeter is a quadruple slope, the two extra slopes being towards the end of the signal and reference integration periods respectively. Filter components R and C90 eliminate the effects of current ‘kickback’ from M21 to the main signal path. The basic AC set-up procedure is complete.

Place instrument into HOLD. Set up Crest Factor The varicap is thus adjusted to give the amplifier chain a flat frequency adtron. Use the ‘A-B’ computation mode to null out the reading: Check that the DVM reading is between O. NOTE; The following step is only required after the replacement of Q12 or any component associated with the temperature compensation circuitry.


DATRON A Digital Mulitmeter | eBay

Note that a job consuming data is given higher priority than the one producing data for it, allowing a producer to place data into an empty buffer. Low-noise FET-pair Q35 also has low gate leakage, which maintains the effectiveness of ‘sample-and-hold’ components R34 and C This manual contains super illustrations and diagrams as well as having in-depth operating, maintenance, and calibration information for these Datron multimeters. Therefore the frequency of the Master Clock is increased or decreased to be an exact multiple of the mains frequency.

This datton offset drift is kept small for changes of temperature by compensating the input bias current of Q10 with the current in R67, which changes with temperature due to the voltage drift at 01 0 emitters.

DATRON 1061A Digital Mulitmeter

The outputs of M39 -Ml and Control catron the multiplexer is derived from the Digital volts supply the defined current for the reference assembly via opto-isolators M4, M5 and M6.

Then after recording the TLH voltage, refer to Fig. When AC volts is selected the compensation inform- ation for a particular range is recalled by the micropro- cessor, transferred across the isolation barrier and latched on to Ml 3, M14 Drawing No.

Start of add to list layer. The output of precision half-wave rectifier M13 is summed with the non-inverted signal at the input of Ml 4, with a weighting of 2: Guard is not directly linked to the front panel Lo terminal, as this becomes active in 4-wire Ohms. M8 and M9 form a summing type, full wave recti- fier. This is a matched set of re- sistors for low temperature coefficient.


More details of calibration with the bus are included in section 1.

Datron: Datron a Service Manual complete with schematics and partlist

A complete program listing for the same calibration operation assuming an HP controller is as follows: Q31 is ‘closed’ from M5 – 13 causing a signal of 0.

The general form of the timing diagram for the above sequence is given in Fig. Apply IV, 50kHz and adjust C84 for vatron display reading of 1. Full text of ” Datron: This will be necessary with the AcHf key. For additional information, see the Global Shipping Programme terms and conditions – opens in a new window or tab.

R compensates for the bias current of Q33, whileR trims the offset voltage to zero. It should only be used when a full calibration i. Csi 1 lOO.

The voltage produced is fed to the AC converter via connector J1 pin 11 and applied to varicap D


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