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de Beaugrande, Robert-Alain und Wolfgang U. Dressler. Einführung in die Textlinguistik (= Konzepte der Sprach- und. : Introduction to Text Linguistics (Longman Linguistics Library) ( ): R. de Beaugrande, W. Dressler: Books. among elements). This utilization is carried out via procedures of ACTUALIZATION” (de Beaugrande and Dressler. 35). This definition is.

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Bedrettin Yazan and Nathanael Rudolph beaugrands Retrieved from ” https: This utilization is carried out via procedures of actualization. Text linguistics stimulates reading by arousing interest in texts or novels.

However, the most likely interpretation of the text is obvious because the situation in which the text is presented provides the context which influences how text receivers interpret the text. He was also a major figure in the consolidation of critical discourse analysis. This page was last edited on 15 Octoberat Email alerts New issue alert. Related articles in Google Scholar. Purchase Subscription prices and ordering Short-term Access To purchase short term access, please sign in to your Oxford Academic account above.

De Beaugrande & Dressler – Glottopedia

Crane, [10] A feature of texture is “sequential implicativeness”, as suggested by Schegloff and Sacks Cohesion describes the ways in which components of the sentences of a text, i. Conversely, the level of informativity should also not be so low that it results in boredom and the rejection of the text. Most text users have a common core of cognitive composition, engagement and process such that their interpretations of texts through “sensing” are similar to what text senders intend them to be.

The application of text linguistics has, however, evolved from this approach to a point in which text is viewed in much broader terms that go beyond a mere extension of traditional grammar towards an entire text.

Most users should sign in with their email address. The processing of highly informative text demands greater cognitive ability but at the same time is more interesting.


Seven Standards of Textuality

In this way, the situation decides the sense and use of the text. The situation in which a text is exchanged influences the comprehension of the text. Discourse, in any medium, is a social interactive event with many layers of communication and many layers of purpose. On the other hand, there is generic coherence when the text can be baeugrande as belonging to a certain genre.

Surface texts may not always express relations explicitly therefore people supply as many relations as are needed to make sense out of any particular text. Surface texts are the exact words that people see or hear.

Text linguistics

In the explicit text, there is a set of actions making, stealing and calling ; the only relations presented are the agent and the affected entity of each action. Texture is the basis for unity and semantic interdependence within text.

As such, language contains a linear sequence and this linear progression of text creates a context of meaning. In order to do this both producer and addressee have to adhere to the pragmatic cooperative principle which states that one has to make the maximum effort to enable a piece of intended communication to be a success.

There is a text and there is other text that accompanies it: I was dresslef invited. Thereby, cohesion is the result of rdessler ties”, which refers to the dependent links between items within a text. There are three types of substitution, that is, nominal to replace a noun or noun phraseverbal to replace a verb phrase and clausal to replace a clause substitution. Text is extremely significant in communication because people communicate not by means of individual words or fragments of sentences in languages, but by means of texts.

Situationality can affect the means of cohesion; less cohesive text may be more appropriate than more cohesive text depending on the situation.

Respect a man, he will do the more. There is situational coherence when field, tenor, and mode can be identified for a certain group of clauses. Virtanen establishes a double classification discourse type and text type to be used when the Identification text-text type is not qnd.


According to Halliday, text is a sign representation of a socio-cultural event embedded in a context of situation. Which Features of Accent affect Understanding? Sign In Forgot password? This includes the symbolic organization of the text, as well as its intended function within the context. More than just a feature of texts, coherence is also the outcome of cognitive processes among text users.

Robert-Alain de Beaugrande was a text linguist and a discourse analyst, one of the leading figures of the Continental tradition in the discipline.

The surface text is the set of expressions actually used; these expressions make some knowledge explicitwhile other knowledge remains implicitthough still applied during processing. The contribution to meaning by social statuses beaugrwnde the participants also fall within this feature. These relationships may be permanent or temporary.

Without cohesion and coherence, intended goals may not be achieved due to a breakdown of communication. Don’t already have beaigrande Oxford Academic account?

You could not be signed in. However, depending on the conditions and situations in which the text is used, the goal may still be attained even when cohesion and coherence are not upheld. While language is a virtual system of available options not yet in use, the text is an actual system in which options have been taken from their repertoires and utilized in a particular structure relations between or among elements.

The receptor, on his or her part needs to be willing to accept the proffered text as a communicative text. One might also assume that the actions are meant to signal the attributes of the agents; the Queen is skilled in cooking, the Knave is dishonest and the King is authoritative. Pedestrians can tell easily that the text is not directed towards them 19881 varying their speeds is inconsequential and irrelevant to the situation.


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