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Name of Act. Decree supreme No of May 6th promoting breastfeeding . DECRETO SUPREMO Nº pdf. SUBPROGRAMA FUNCIONAL Protección de Poblaciones en. Riesgo. ACTIVIDAD . Decreto Supremo que crea el Programa. Social denominado. DECRETO SUPREMO Nº Uploaded by. miky · Uploaded by. miky · Como Enseñar Musica a Los Niños Pequeños. Uploaded by.

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Labour Code Scope Please read the information provided in the field of parental leave which applies for paternity leave. The legislative data are collected by the ILO through periodical reviews of national labour and social security legislation, and secondary sources, such as the International Social Security Association and International Network on Leave Policies and Research, as well as consultations with ILO experts in regional and national ILO offices worldwide.

What do these indicators tell us? Temporarily they could perform different tasks or be transferred to other posts.

One hundred percent of minimum wage plus seventy percent sjpremo the difference between minimum wage and regular earnings Financing of benefits Social insurance system. Maternity and paternity at work: Secreto or plasma retinol.

On a compulsory basis Employees: Please see the field of parental leave benefits which apply for paternity skpremo benefits regarding fathers.

Strategies for effective and sustainable national nutrition plans and policies. Decree supreme of May the 1st of Regulating effects of non-observance of security in employment of parents http: One hundred percent Breaks for breastfeeding are included into working hours and compensatory wage or salary in the amount of average earnings is paid for such breaks.


Cut-off values for public health significance in different target groups Indicator. Sixty-nine percent up to a ceiling Care is provided for women during pregnancy and confinement, including the postnatal period, and for new-born babies.

Pregnant workers are entitle to maternity paid leave, 30 days before and 30 days after confinement or during a longer period if an illness ensue. This indicator is the prevalence of children with diarrhoea who receive oral rehydration therapy and continued feeding. Gender inequality index GII http: Human development fecreto HDI.

Mechanisms – Reglamento de Sanciones Específicas a la Ley No. 3460

These estimates suggest that countries cannot depend on economic growth alone to reduce malnutrition supermo an acceptable time. Vitamin A supplementation in infants and children 6—59 months of age. Minors under 18 years old secreto work beyond their strength.

There are not stipulated qualifying conditions to be entitled with Maternity and Parental Leave for Foster Parents, besides the existence of a relevant ruling of the competent authority with the decision to place a certain child into foster care which, for the purposes of state social support, replaces parental care.

TRAVAIL legal databases

Vaccination is therefore critical to reducing child mortality rates. It does not include deductions for the depreciation of physical capital, or the depletion and degradation of natural resources.

Coverage of diarrhoea treatment is also included in the Global reference list of core health indicators. In order to be entitled to benefits, the insured woman must have contributed for at least 30 weeks during the twelve supreno preceding the date when payment of benefits is due to begin.


Parental leave under subsection 1 is granted as of the day when the child decretl been taken into foster care until the day when the child reaches the age of three years; a female employee who has been on maternity leave under subsection 2 is granted parental leave on the termination of maternity leave. Mandated to monitor compliance with national legislative or other appropriate measure. Weekly iron-folic acid supplementation WIFs in women of reproductive age: Diario Oficial de 14 de julio de Sixty days Extension There is not extension provided for multiple births.

NLiS Country Profile: Bolivia

Infant and young child feeding. These cases are not reflected in official figures and may lead to a significant underestimation of the prevalence of low birth weight. Measles is a leading cause of vaccine-preventable childhood deaths, and unvaccinated populations are at risk of the disease.

If the workers applying to adopt are married, the leave shall be taken by the woman. Implementation of the Baby-friendly Hospital Initiative. Source of all infant and young child feeding indicators.

World Bank Institute; http:


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