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This “story” has nothing to do with the Diablo franchise, aside from a couple of names here and there. It is clearly deeply inspired by Scandinavian mythology. Since the beginning of time, the angelic hosts of the High Heavens and the demonic hordes of the Burning Hells have been locked in a struggle for the fate of all. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Diablo: Demonsbane at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

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Diablo: Demonsbane (Diablo, #0) by Robert B. Marks

Books by Robert B. These summoned demons couldn’t be vanished.

What was to have been a victorious last stand against the demonic invasion of Entsteig has instead become a massacre. Demonsbanethe first Diablo eBook was uploaded into a pirate bay website. Very short but I can say I kinda liked it. He considered he could be useful to Siggard on whatever he would face in Blackmarch. The vizjerei think that on a day of great need, the legendary Red Wizard will come to their aid. It’s something of a moot diabl though, since none of the events or characters in Demonsbane have any direct connection to events in the main plot of the Diablo series.

Tyrael appeared before Siggard. A cameo from one of the games’ characters ,here and there, would have been nice. For a moment he wondered if he wasn”t in some endless forest of the damned, forced to wander a haunted woodland for all eternity. While dekonsbane army can accomplish more than one man, there drmonsbane times when an individual can achieve that which a legion cannot. You are paying for the demonsbabe bill.


Tyrael was curious of what Siggard would do. Some come to see their loved ones again. Other books in the series. There has been some debate as to whether the events in this novella are officially “canon.

Robert B. Marks Reacts to Pirated Diablo: Demonsbane

It was written by Robert B. It started out with a Diablo feel to it. He didn’t want to die here, trapped among lost spirits. It’s just going to take a while.

Diablo: Demonsbane – Marks Robert

I think that is what you speak of. Diablp little novella set in my favourite universe of all. But there are others who are sworn to darkness, and they do not reveal themselves unless they are forced to. When ciablo was time to sleep, Sarnakyle asked Siggard to prepare for battle, to his surprise.

The Primal Evils seek a way to have a hold on the mortal plane. Sign In Don’t have an account? He prayed silently to the gods to let him see his family again, just one more time.


The fire crackled beside the man, and in the flickering glow of the flames and the waning moonlight, Siggard noticed that the man seemed to be clad entirely in gray. Siggard doesn’t remember demonebane he got there.

He scratched his head, trying to think, and winced for a moment when his fingernails ran over a tender spot. Before being written, it was decided that Demonsbane should set the tone for the series, and help establish Sanctuary not only as a living and breathing game world, but also as a living and breathing world in literature.

Sarnakyle detected three observers nearby lurking in the shadows. The limbs and skulls rested back to their former position. Sarnakyle theorized that the Hidden were already among the army of Entsteig at Blachmarch, awaiting the order of the archdemon to strike.

Advanced Book Search Browse by Subject. Yeah, have a hero, big sword, throw in some popular names who doesn’t like Tyrael, rightget us big bad demon to slay. When the enemy charged, they would be completely exposed. To one side of the road there was a three-way sign, but it was too dark to read it.


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