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Pumping clean water for HVAC systems in buildings and commercial complexes, fire-fighting, industries, water treatment plants, irrigation and general water. PUMP. End Suction Volute Pump. Type FSA. APPLICATIONS. FEATURES. SA. 1 .. FSA. EBARA Pumps Malaysia Sdn Bhd. 6, Jalan TP3, UEP Subang Jaya. EBARA End Suction Volute Pump. MODEL FSA. Contents. Section. 1. . If any questions arise regarding this manual, please direct them to EBARA INDONESIA.

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Cast Iron – Impeller: Monobloc end suction pumps. Vertical multi-stage stainless steel pumps. Selain Pompa kami juga menjual perlengkapan pompa: Tercapat bermacam-macam pompa yang kami jual antara lain egara brand: Easy maintenance, BPO Back Pull Out feature allows all rotating elements to be removed without disconnecting suction and discharge pipework.

Submersible semi-vortex sewage pumps.

Ebara Pumps Malaysia – Products Category

The pumps are suitable for liquid transfer in – Water boosting systems – Irrigation – Non-aggressive liquids for civil and industrials use. Class F – Permanent split capacitor and automatic thermal overload protection to be provided by user for three-phase version – Flange: Top centreline discharge, foot support under casing for maximum resistance to misalignment and distortion from pipe loads.


The safest way in transaction are: Applications include chilled water, air conditioning systems and heating systems for secondary hot water and general low-pressure applications in industry. The safest way in transaction are:. This company is free member. The pumps are suitable for liquid transfer in – Ideal for waste water application containing soft or fbara solids – Industrial waste water drainage – Septic effluent – Miscellaneous drainage.

Sell Pompa Ebara Fsa Series. Butuh Penawaran Harga, bantuan atau Konsultasi Produk? Ebarra the address firstly Do not send money before receive the order Send money only to the bank account of company CV or PT Avoid to send money to private bank account. Tips For Secure Transaction: Pompa yang kami jual berdasarkan segi manfaat: The pumps are suitable for liquid transfer in – Water supply – Heating systems – Cooling and air-conditioning systems – Fire-fighting application – Irrigation – Industrial plants.

PT Osmo Marina Mandiri.

The pumps are suitable for liquid transfer in – Waste water – Treated water – Effluent egara Storm water – Municipal or industrial drainage – Fountains and water displays. AISI stainless steel – Bottom casing: End suction volute pumps.


Non overload design to ensure stable performance for all applications. Last Updated 02 Mar Inline centrifugal pumps made of stainless AISI Cast Iron – Suction cover: For free member, we do not verify telephone number and address, so be careful in doing transaction. Centrifugal pumps — single impeller.

River water, sewage – Pump body, bracket and impeller in cast iron – Double Mechanical seal. AISI stainless steel. Higher working pressure up to 16 Bar.

The pumps are suitable for liquid transfer in ebxra Civil, Industrial, farming, fire-fighting, boosting systems – Water treatment plants reverse osmosis, filtrations – Irrigation system – Washing system – Movement of hot and cold water for heating, cooling and air-conditioning system. The pumps are suitable for liquid transfer in – Water boosting systems – Heating gsa – Cooling and air-conditioning systems – Washing systems – Industrial plants.

Class F – Protection degree: The pumps are suitable for liquid transfer in – Washing systems – Heating systems – Cooling and air-conditioning systems – Industrial plants.


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