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Effective Communication Skills has ratings and 32 reviews. Yuliia said: Effective communication Skills was a course divided into lectures. It went th. Written by Dalton Kehoe, The Great Courses, narrated by Dalton Kehoe. Download and keep this book for Free with a 30 day Trial. This course provides a theoretical and practical survey of the ideas behind and the practices of effective communication. It helps you become aware of the.

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This lecture teaches that effective communication is reflective communication. These 24 mind-opening lectures are your chance to learn more about how you communicate verbally, the common problems you can encounter in doing so, and how you can improve your own effectiveness – especially by overcoming the communicattion and biological hard-wiring that too often gets in the way. I have close friends who’re afraid to express themselves candidly for fear of being tricked.

I’m planning effectiive listening to the practical section; it was so useful.

Effective Communication Skills Audiobook | Dalton Kehoe, The Great Courses |

I have listen to this book multiple times now. Not quite what I expected, but good information. I was laughing in some parts cause it broke down how I thought and respond in all types of communication.

You’ll learn how early cultural learning and deeply learned patterns of reaction in our unconscious mind enhance or undermine your ability to communicate effectively; how your sense of self develops in everyday talk during your childhood; the specific styles of talking you use in most situations; and the basic techniques of perhaps the most important and neglected aspect of human conversation, the art of active listening.

Dr Know hits the nail on the head. Return to Book Page. The Magic of Everyday Communication. I felt like he could’ve effectively communicated everything he wanted to in 3 hours or less.

I highly recommend this book for anyone that struggles with expressing themselves positively and communicating effectively.


Effective Communication Skills | The Great Courses Plus

One of the best of this type of book or class on this topic I have found. It is essential listening. Kehof – the history courses are great. The scientific content is on the light side.

Effective Communication Skills

After this course, I finally understand why. Fantastic lecture I thought this started off a little slow but it quickly became very interesting and informative. Long, The Great Courses Narrated by: This covers theories behind communication and also talks about how it can apply to business, intimate relationships, and casual relationships. My previous favorite was The Great Debate: Psychology of communication Not quite what I expected, but good information.

This course is a game changer!

Studies show that using conversational skills properly in that arena makes you more productive, happier, and less stressed. Great breadth and depth.

Then he brings with forward and shows how we are taught as children affects us as adults. There is nothing to see or hear here. You may be in a restaurant asking a waiter for an unusual substitution, urging a service manager to get your car finished sooner rather than later, or trying to sway your daltom other toward a particular film or show.

Or you might be tryin Talk is something you do every day.

I just feel sorry for the poor guy’s wife, who must doubt the sincerity of just about everything he ever says: Mar 27, Jacob O’connor rated it liked it.

I think the idea that it was less about profit and more about content was comforting. It is a long audio book, but stick with communixation.

While the course a tad dry and prolonged, the information covered was very revealing and useful. Learn how you can improve the way you communicate with others—especially by overcoming the psychological and biological hard-wiring that gets in the way.

The lectures are well rehearsed, excellently paced, and fascinating. The lectures start from the basics, and work their way through daltoon how communication works.


Thank you 3 of 3 people found this review helpful. Yoy will grow to your full potential as a commjnication. Its a must read for all. It has caused problems in my relationships with family and at work.

A Cultural Culinary History By: It should diagnose or at least cause you sills reflect on areas where you are currently doing pretty well, and in others woefully short in terms of how you communicate with others.

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I have always struggled with the ability to communicate effectively, especially when it involves expressing what I am upset about. It’s a ton of great theoretical content, but I have to say its not the most uplifting or invigorating to get me running more laps and possibly even was a bit of a hurdle to dragging myself into the running kit to go for a run.

It aligned with a lecture per trip. I have read a lot of self help and business books and this knowledge, if taken to heart sills really empower you. Mastering conversation in one language is tough enough. As a result some effextive get cut shirt or extended with unnecessary material.

Feb 07, Eric rated it it was ok Effectivee What you want when you are looking to learn A couple of reasons I purchased this book. Covey’s book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Peoplehas been a top seller for the simple reason that it ignores kwhoe and pop psychology for proven principles of fairness, integrity, honesty, and human dignity. For me, it conveyed a sense of authority. Do yourself a favour, get what you want. What other book might you compare Effective Communication Skills to, and why?

Never have I listened to hours and hours of “the most obvious”.


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