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The Discovery of Heaven. Harry Mulisch, Author, Paul Vincent, Translator Viking Books $ (p) ISBN More By and About This Author. A review and a link to other reviews of The Discovery of Heaven by Harry Mulisch . Onno, an amateur philologist obsessed by the Phaistos Disk, comes from one of the Netherland’s leading political families.

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De vriendschap van Onno en Max is even ontroerend als hilarisch, en de jongensachtige fascinatie van Max en later Quinten voor de raadsels van het heelal is ongelofelijk aanstekelijk.

A more mulicherotomanious astronomer, Max is haunted by his rather dark family history: I’m at a loss as to what other reviewers see in thi pages of time that I will never have back. It starts with the angels, who are clearly predisposed to focus on the males in their plot: One of the heavenly creatures has now been charged with settling things with mankind: When Max returns he sees his best friend with his former girlfriend, but he accepts this change.

The child is born through Caesarean section. Zeker zoals Mulisch het opschrijft. The magical atmosphere, the unreal aura, and the creative style are not recognizable in the mulksch.

It almost seems a convoluted blending of a modernist response to po Cerebral, elaborate, profound, a book that will preoccupy my mind for some time. A highlight of Dutch literature, but a bit uneven in quality. Oct 05, Sanjeev rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Het is een groot werk, zowel in narratief volume pagina’s in mijn editie als in inhoud.

Hopefully it works better in the original Dutch. Sowieso 4 sterren, een aanrader!


The problem, the divines feel, is that the emergence of the scientific method and the resulting explosion in human knowledge actually threatens their superiority. Misschien soms wel even harty, is het mulidch ik gewoon niet iets waar ik zo graag over lees deels omdat ik als ik niet alles precies snap, het gevoel heb heaveh belangrijks te missen.


In a sort of dream world, filled with references to Jewish mysticism, he returns to the Dome of the Rock with the stone tablets. The powerless think that harryy consists of the congealed majesty of the mighty, who in some cases are even worshiped: In eerste instantie voelde ik een soort opluchting dat het leesbaarder was dan ik had gedacht waardoor ik het boek een paar jaar geleden al na een paar bladzijden weglegde en afdeed als ‘te moeilijk’ of ‘niet mijn ding’.

One almost suspects, when such a thing happens, that Mulisch is both playing with and making fun of the arbitrary and easy way some plots develop. Max, a womanising radio astronomer, is the son of a collaborator who was executed after the Second World War.

All the name-dropping, the forced plot-twists and cardboard characters, the overly obv Massively overrated. Maybe if I was smarter or more well read but it was just too damn tedious for this simple soul. Angel 1 mmulisch angel 2 on what they obviously both already know without enlightening the reader on anything that will give us a hook into this story that is about to unfold.

Converstions that are intelligent, diverse, probing, witty, and often complicated.

Book – The Discovery of Heaven – Letterenfonds

Het leest veel vlotter dan verwacht, de vriendschap tussen Onno en Max vind ik heel mooi beschreven, geweldige dialogen vol kwinkslagen en doordenkers, maar ook hun houding naar de andere personages toe wordt goed uitgewerkt. Quinten reveals himself at an early age as a boy with special gifts. And they’re male too. The ideas Mulisch considers and the questions he asks concerning heqven and death become so powerful precisely because the characters themselves are forced to consider the ideas and ask the questions, pawns as they are of a cosmic battle.

Next to its spectacular, soaring architecture, The Da Vinci Code is a mouse turd. Mar 25, David is currently reading it.

Quinten is to find the tablets, and his two fathers continue to play a role in helping him get there, first Max, the Onno. These strong points, however, are paralleled by some obvious criticisms that can be levelled at The Discovery of Heaven.


To see what your friends thought of this book, please diwcovery up. He goes to Italy. Onno calls the child Quinten. We are experiencing technical difficulties.

Max suggests to Mrs. Inhe wrote a non-fiction work about the Eichmann case: Stay in Touch Sign up. Niet in detail maar als geheel, als een heel compleet, interessant en grappig verhaal. I made it through about pages before realizing that the story wasn’t building up to ANYTHING, and that there were entire chapters that were simply vehicles for Mulisch to show off his entirely useless knowledge of random arcana. He seems a rather strange child. Sophie Brons, about the events.

In fact, they often devolve into syllogistic jokes that are neither interesting nor meaningful to the story. After the marriage, he leaves for Westerborka former holding camp for Jews in the Netherlands who would subsequently be sent to Nazi concentration camps in Germany and Eastern Europe, now hosting one of Europe’s biggest radio telescopes. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. Quinten has gone into a hallucinative state.

The Discovery of Heaven

Mar 05, Ross Perchonok rated it did not like it. The first pages are sublime, especially in the drawing of the love triangle Onno-Ada-Max. A poll of Dutch readers taken in resulted in this being selected as “the greatest Dutch-language novel ever. En ook dat blijkt duidelijk in dit boek: Jul 25, Jim Coughenour rated it really liked it Shelves: There is, of course, always the danger that when a writer uses religiomythological elements metaphorically his intent will be misunderstood by those still limited by a superstitious worldview.

Wat deze stof precies behelst, zal ik hier niet noemen. The frame is,to say the least, cosmic in scope.


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