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SKHynix had lots and lots of memory goodies at IDF including some vertical/3D NAND flash, LPDDR3, and HBM modules. This material is proprietary of SK hynix Inc. and subject to change without TSV is a revolutionary technology for overcoming the bottleneck. On the Mechanical Stresses of Cu Through-Silicon Via (TSV) Samples Fabricated by SK Hynix vs. SEMATECH – Enabling Robust and Reliable 3-D.

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Hynix shows off bleeding edge 3D NAND, TSV based DDR3, and HBM modules

Username or Email Address. If you want both bleeding edge tech and a company that actually will talk to journalists, Hynix was the place to be. Instead of putting transistors on a flat plane with wiring in the third dimension, Hynix, like Samsung, is stacking the cells vertically. Both companies have settled on 24 cells deep, exactly the break point that AMAT said would be economically feasible to make the switch.


Hynix shows off bleeding edge 3D NAND, TSV based DDR3, and HBM modules – SemiAccurate

It is pretty mind bending stuff. Like what you may wonder? Once Android makes the bit leap this will matter a lot. The top right box is the interesting one, labeled Ci-MCP. Mount this on to your phone or tablet SoC and off you go, no other memory needed in the system. That said it is the fsv of memory so make sure you are familiar with hyniz little grey blob, you will be seeing lots of them in the near future.

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