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Se poi l’ONU avesse imposto anche l’applicazione della risoluzione è successo a Ilan Pappe, l’autore di ‘La pulizia etnica della Palestina’. La pulizia etnica della palestina – Ilan Pappe. 38 likes. Book. Preview and download books by Ilan Pappé, including The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, La pulizia etnica della Palestina, Israel and South Africa, and many.

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Me ne vengono in mente diverse, anche non lontane, che ancora non riescono a scendere a patti con una parte del loro passato. Israeli Jews would have to recognize that they have become the mirror image of their own worst nightmare. La dieta dimagrante della Palestina a partire dal Books like this need to exist, that subvert the accepted grand narratives and tell of a brutal history.

Zionism struggled before WW2 because not enough Jews were interested in going to Palestine, but the holocaust put the movement over the top, not only providing the necessary influx but also creating a feeling of guilt among the nations of the world not least Germany that was leveraged into the creation of the State of Israel and its financing and militarization since read The Holocaust Industry by Norman Finkelstein.

Israele è uno stato democratico? Intervista a Mauro Manno

That same day, regular Arab forces entered Palestine. Want to Read saving…. A journey back in history to the heart of the Zionist project, the massively brutal and systematic massacre and land grabbing of the Palestinians inaugurated on a large scale in Morris offers the balanced contextual background to Pappe’s propaganda diatribe – with a 19th century starting point instead of one which commences in La loro lotta contro gli ebrei assimilazionisti, condotta in collaborazione con i nazisti e gli antisemiti.

Hardcoverpages. So much respect for this man having the courage to write the truth. Parlo varie lingue e ho una lunga esperienza come traduttore. It is well to keep in mind that existence and honour seem to be two infinite values. As this form of acknowledgment means facing up to the historical injustice in which Israel is incriminated through the ethnic cleansing of Palestine init calls into question the very foundational myths of the State of Israel, and it raises a host of ethical questions that have inescapable implications for the future of the state.

  LEI 11196 PDF

At this stage, each side only looks at the atrocities the other side has committed, though I suspect that because of more freedom of speech and political-commercial transparency-accountability, there are more Jews, Israelis and Westerners who recognise the ‘evils’ of their ways than there are Muslims, Arabs and Palestinians who recognise the ‘evils’ of their ways.

A must-read to get a fuller understanding of the Zionist colonization and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian. The tit-for-tat strategy that both sides use has not produced peace in the near-term and there is no reason to believe tit-for-tat will bring peace in the long-term.

This book has a great in depth information and analysis of the process of ethnic cleansing. If anyone HAS read this, does it still ‘hold up’ despite being 10 years old? He cites Plan Daled which instructs, “In the case of resistance, the armed forces must be wiped out and the population expelled outside the borders of the state” In sum, Pappe has created veracious source for future rhetorical discussions on the issue of The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine.

Senators fell all over themselves questioning Hagel about his views on Israel while all other matters were secondary. And yet I still held onto the etnics line although the view was somewhat jaded. In fact, the United States cannot palrstina enough to help the process as it continues to this day.

View all 4 comments. Jun 13, Greta marked it as not-to-read. I’ve read many smears against Pappe – ideologue, communist as if that in and of itself invalidates his opinion? I sionisti volevano convincere gli inglesi ad abbandonare la Palestina per aver campo libero nel loro piano di pulizia etnica.

Pappe is an Israeli and well qualified to write his new history and it is a history that pulizai disturb. In ethnic cleansing, as a concept, did not exist as it does today. After all we criticise Western governments and no one bats paope eyelid, it’s called free speech.

I vecchi e i bambini sarebbero stati di peso. I have known innumerable Palestinians who ls the descendants of refugees, and known refugees myself. The parallel to what happened in Kosovo is startling, particularly in view of the NATO bombing that took place to stop the activity in the former Yugoslavia compared to the lack of any effort to stop the cleansing of Palestine.


Di fronte a queste discriminazioni lo stato etnico concede un limitato diritto di voto e un limitato diritto di critica alla minoranza discriminata.

Luisa Corbetta (Editor of La pulizia etnica della Palestina)

And yet, Ilan Pappe unveils, one such crime has been erased from the global public memory: Published November 2nd by Oneworld Publications first published For the Palestinians it is an annual day of commemoration of the displacement that preceded and followed the Israeli Declaration of Independence in [see Wikipedia for more http: Sin dal con la nascita dello stato di Israele leggendo vari giornali vediamo la presenza ebraica in ogni settore della vita sia culturale che economica: Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Trivia About The Ethnic Cleans The process could take place hidden away in the vastness of the American west in the 19th century, but with Israel it has been quite obvious all along. Feb 25, Clif rated it it was amazing. I’ve been a recent convert to the Palestinian cause after watching footage of Israeli tanks and gunships in action against stone throwing youths. Aware of these developments, the Arab League took the decision on the last day of April, to intervene militarily, but not until the British mandate had come to an end The British left on 15 Mayand the Jewish Agency immediately declared the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine, officially recognized by the two superpowers of the day, the USA and USSR.

Sopporteranno il loro destino o non lo faranno.

Scopri la tua area riservata: The premise of this book is really quite simple. Perhaps more importantly, the book provides a solid basis for understanding why the Israeli-Palestinian issue may never become peaceful because of Israel’s actions rather than that of any Arabs.


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