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Everything in the Irrlicht Engine can be found in this namespace. More. Most objects of the Irrlicht Engine are derived from IReferenceCounted, and so. All scene management can be found in this namespace: Mesh loading, special.

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Irrlicht 3D Engine: Class List

The active view is set up here. Email Required, but never shown. Definition at line of file IReferenceCounted.

Enumeration for all event types there are. So irrlkcht you would like to replace the simple blue screen background by a cool Quake 3 Map, optimized by an octree, just insert this code somewhere before the while loop:.

The Scene Collision Manager provides methods for performing collision tests and picking on scene irrpicht. But as it seems, doxygen now also has a search engine inside. Sign up using Email and Password. This Irrlicht loader was written by Jonas Petersen. Used for example in the FPS Camera. Docymentation of the IMeshBuffer interface with shared vertex list. Name of the parameter for setting reference value of alpha in transparent materials. Drawn after the solid nodes, before the transparent nodes, the time for drawing shadow volumes.


We disable lighting because we do not have a dynamic light in here, and the mesh would be totally black otherwise.

Irrlicht Engine

This is a typedef for 64bit int, it ensures portability of the engine. Set the caption of the window to some nice text. Ok, now we have set up the scene, lets draw everything: A very good place to start reading the documentation.

Irrlicbt avoids problems with intersecting faces, but can also break renderings. Definition at line 17 of file IParticleEmitter. Typedef for list of scene node animators. Definition at line 37 of file IColladaMeshWriter. If you want to doucmentation a texture, you may want to call imaginable method IDriver:: Instead of writing the filename sydney.

Very simple allocator implementation, containers using it can be used across dll boundaries. This is also a good place to start reading the documentation. WindowHandlewhich is a typedef. The layout is completely broken. To get rid of the irr:: Material names which are used here are created on export, so using the IColladaMeshWriterNames interface you have some control over how many geometries are written. Structure containing advanced parameters for the creation of the device.

I get the same error. Flag set as parameter when the scene manager is used as editor.


Definition at line 58 of file irrTypes. A backdoor was installed in our wordpress installation and invisible spam-links got added all over the place. Post as a guest Name. Used in places where we identify objects by a filename, but don’t actually work with the real filename.

Simple implementation of the IAnimatedMesh interface. If they are absorbed by the user receiver then no text will be sent to the console. Provides a generic interface for attributes and their values and the possiblity to serialize them.

A device native to Unix style operating systems. The Scene Manager manages scene nodes, mesh recources, cameras and all the other stuff. Detailed Description Everything in the Irrlicht Engine can be found in this namespace. An enumeration for all supported types of built-in mesh writers.

IEventReceiver for details on event handling. Middle mouse button triple click.

This path is prefixed to the file names defined in the Deled file when loading textures. Specifies if the stencil buffer should be enabled.


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