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Lover and Commander by Jez Morrow. Liam and Talon are both warriors but from different planet. Both far descendant from Earthian, they. Jez Morrow has written a couple of my favorite rereads – Force of Law,Lover and Commander but I think this is the perfect combination of the two and may. Force of Law – Jez KB. Beloved Captor – Jez KB. Chasing Shadows – Jez KB. Lover and Commander.

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Talon on the other hand, is a stoic and disciplined soldier who can’t stand what he considers his commander’s irresponsible behaviour.

The men are space fighter pilots.

This one just norrow me wanting. The book brings you into brand new world. Feb 14, Cole Riann rated it liked it Shelves: Contrast coloring, personalities; both gorgeous and best at what they “Space, the final frontier The only thing they have in common is the ship that they have both been assigned too. The pilots are different types of humans and need to cope with their differences. When faced with the perspective to lose his new-found fellow fly-fighter, Liam decides to do anything to prevent it Anc flies by the seat if his pants and says and does whatever he wants.

Open Preview See a Problem? Liam is brash, brazen, shameless — qualities not valued by the Kuryeen. A lady had posted in enough details about this book that my memory started going ‘ding ding ding’ I hunted down the title and emailed All Romance.

Liam is charming and flirty. I realise some author want to stick to a limited wordcount so the book is cheaper but there was words that could have been cut out of the beginning to make the ending more satisfying. In Chasing Shadows the trail of a killer leads two Chicago police detectives to each other.


Their romance doesn’t feel rushed even though it happens early but the sex scenes aren’t as explicit as most MM ones. Aug 22, Melanie rated it liked it Shelves: But this book I use this term loosely really is just a novella with looks of angst and sex scenes.

There was a missing chemistry that appeared once Talon and Liam began touching. Recommended to Julio by: So with Talon, Liam will risk and win. Oct 20, Karel rated it did not like it Shelves: I loved the interaction between the two men an I would have given this 5 stars if it was longer and the ending unrushed and less abrupt. Nov 21, Seregil rated it liked it. You felt like it was taboo touching the butt.

Friendly, cheerful Liam is no one his mortow should fear. Talon finds Liam’s so-called boyish charm childish. I would have loved just a tinsy bit more story so it didnt seem commande abrupt. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Jul 13, Lexi Ander rated it liked it Shelves: Jul 14, Daniela rated it really liked it Shelves: The ritual suicide is sprung on you with very little development of the counter human culture.

I feel like bashing my OH over the head with something hard.

Lover and Commander by Jez Morrow – Elisa – My reviews and Ramblings

Don’t search for detailed mordow of new-worlds, but if you want a quite charming romp between the sheets I liked this one for what it was, loevr alpha, apparently straight men, embroiled in a decision of what to do when nature sends you a taboo curve ball, set against a backdrop of fighting aliens in space. I try not to be overly harsh on books, and I really do not try to say, “don’t buy this”. Jul 07, Dre rated it it was ok Shelves: I realise some author want to stick to a limited wordcount so the book is che Re-Read Jan I got the urge to read this book because of the Anyone Anyone section of the All Romance Wildfire newsletter.


Jovial and always ready to a joke, he has a perennial smile on his face. Sure I’d welcome a second book going into what they did after the end of the first.

Liam was moving as if about to mount him. What is really disappointing is that it could have had so much potential. It does leave you hanging with an unresolved issue at the end and seemed a bit rushed with no foreshadowing to the issue of being “addicted”.

Lover & Commander

I would have liked to have it a bit longer and a bit more explained about where Liam and Talon will go from here but I still really enjoyed this one because it kept me smiling through the book. At this point things got really rushed. The space between them as Liam backed away felt cold and empty. Talon and Liam couldn’t be more different if they tried, but the atraction between them is undeniable. Liam and Talon’s ccommander reminds me a bit Top Gun The intensity is not supplied by the sex scenes but by the characters themselves, which is my favorite way.

I’m not trying to be mean but that’s how it came off as W Now this story, guys, had something in it!: The best part jex the book was that it re-enacted those shooter games from the s where you navigate a space ship that spewed out fluorescent beams. Nov 11, Karl rated it really liked it Shelves: Jul 01, Heather C je it it was amazing Shelves:


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