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Jouanah has ratings and 29 reviews. Lisa said: I read my Goodreads’ friend Abigail’s review of this book and immediately reserved the book at the lib. Jouanah, A Hmong Cinderella is the familiar story of Cinderella, the poor overworked step-daughter who marries the handsome prince, in the setting and context. Kindergarten-Grade 3. This tender variant of the Cinderella story from the Hmong people of Asia takes place in a peasant village. After Jouanah’s mother is.

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I appreciated the background work and the divulging of it by the authors and illustrator as regards keeping this authentic cindeeella the Hmong culture. None of the wedding traditions were even hinted on in this book, and those traditions are actually quite interesting.

He did, they did so well on the crops he didn’t turn her back into a human and even married another women.

School Library Journal Recommended age: Wer will es testen? Finally, he arrived at Jouanah’s house. No trivia or quizzes yet.

I don’t remember much about the book but being Hmong myself, I know that it was similar to the story my mom told me. Aug 17, Carolyn rated it liked it Shelves: The despairing husband soon died, and the gentle Jouanah became even more silent. Shen’s Books, E. I also like the interesting twist.

Now the family went home, downhearted and discouraged. But those rolls of thread Jouanah brings home. But his cindeerlla found hmohg of Jouanah, just for z moment. I loved this book, it was very well written and was well illustrated! So she turned into a cow and the fields were grate but the husband selfishly kept her a cow and remarried. She also finds a headdress, necklace, and purses. A way more interesting beginning than, “First the mom died, then the dad died, now the story begins.


Eventually the cow dies. I also appreciated the Cinderella-like story, as it allows our girls to compare the different details of the story compared to other books we’ve read. In this story, instead of Jouanah’s Cinderella’s mother dying, she has her husband turn her into a cow that they can use to plow the fields and carry grain.

I love this book a lot’s and very colorful pages.

She is helped by the voice of her mother right before going to the celebration and I am not real sure what happened to her dad. Jouanah’s mother turns into a cow to help her father plow the fields.

The elder’s son was smitten for Jouanah, but before he could talk to her, she was gone. Jouanah attends a festival where she meets her true love and might finally escape the grasp of her stepmother.

Jouanah: A Hmong Cinderella

The element that was most surprising was that the family needs a cow and the mother tells the father to turn cniderella into a cow, and he does.

Mar 25, Melissa Housholder rated it really liked it Shelves: Of course, her stepmother pushed her daughter, Ding, before him, calling “Daughter, come! When she joined the feastival no one knew who she was. Considerations or precautions for readers advisory: I don’t remember the title but it was sad.


Hachiko Waits Leslea Newman.

Kill the cow and your wife will not die. However, I feel like the Hmong culture is not represented well at all in this story.

Jouanah: A Hmong Cinderella – Booksource

I know that this is a fictional book, but I think that students will take a lot jouabah what goes on in the book to be truth about the Hmong culture. It brought a flood of images of her mother to her mind, and “suddenly, there in the basket appeared a skirt and a blouse and an apron embroidered with delicate needlework.

The stepmother tried one more trick to try to keep them apart but this only helped Shee-Nang see more good qualities in Jouanah. View my complete profile. Once their life is stable, the father marries another woman instead of turning his wife back from cow to woman. A fun and creative twist to the original Cinderella. Books by Jewell Reinhart Coburn. Jun 19, Kimberly rated it liked it. When the elder’s son has a ball, Jouanah is left at home as ordered by her stepmother, but after talking to her cow mother, she got a beautiful outfit to wear cindereola the ball.

This is fascinating Jenny! Ymong wish that the ‘author’ could have done a little more research into the culture so that at least the taboos weren’t being shown in here as if they were everyday occurrences.


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