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See Linux export MAVEN_OPTS=-agentlib:jdwp=transport=dt_socket. JSPWiki is wiki software built around the standard J2EE components of Java, servlets Janne Jalkanen started developing JSPWiki in . HTML Export. Exporter. You don’t need an exporter to get your jspwiki page data. Your pages are files found in the directory defined in ties under the.

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Most of the automation is done through the scripts that are already built-in. It can also be used in Linux and Windows. The above list can also be found on the following link. Click here to download a zipped version of UWC.

data migration from jspwiki into new confluence installation.

First, we need to export all the data from the wiki. This can be done by editing the exporter file that sits under conf folder. Only some wikis require this file to be jspwik for it to connect to the database etc.


Other wikis have a tool that allows you to export it from the UI itself. In this file there are a few parameters that need to be defined. These determine the extent of the detail in nspwiki export.

Once the parameters have been defined, you then have to click on Export. This will export it to the location that you have expkrt in the properties file.

JSPWiki: Import Export Migration

Once the pages have been exported, you will have to edit the converter file which can be found under conf folder and here define all the parameters in terms of what needs converting and how. Click here for guidance. To have the table formatting converted and kept the same way as the MediaWiki, you will have exoort add Content Formatting plugin to your local Confluence which depends on the output that you require. These include the URL which is localhost: Once all the details have been defined, you can simply drag and drop the pages from the export to Pages section in UWC.


If you had attachments as well, then you can define the path to it. More details exort that can be found in the following link.

JSPWiki: JSP Wiki Documentation

A simple way to avoid this overhead is to install a local Confluence instance and later transfer the whole space. If your instance is hosted by Atlassian i.

OnDemand, then you will have to either install the SSL certificate to your Java keystore or install a local instance of Confluence and later export the space. All in all, this is a great tool to convert complex wikis to Confluence pages. Your local machine will need to be able to connect to MediaWiki database, so using it in your Company network is recommended. Give it a try!


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