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£2, (13, lei), 2, lei, %. Monthly rent for 85 m2 ( Sqft) furnished accommodation in NORMAL area. £1, (9, lei), 1, lei, %. Utilities 1 . of granting short-term loans in lei to domestic credit institutions. The amount of . thousand), Bank of Japan in amount of lei 13, thousand. (JPY , BISTRIŢA-. NĂSĂUD. 1 Loans in lei (r.2+r.3=r.4+r.5=r.6+r.7+r). 1, 2, 1, 1, 2 – current loans. 1,

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Post obitum auctoris opus inchoatum absolvit, correxit, interpolavit Jo.

Rhinoptera and Subfamily Mobulinae — Genera: Notably, the two Manta species are nested within Mobulaforming a sister relationship with Mobula mobular including the specimen nominally assigned as M. Pairwise uncorrected p -distance based on the nuclear data was much lower than that observed for the mitochondrial data, ranging from 0.

This result however does not impact our conclusion that Manta is an invalid generic name. Cadenat distinguished this species from M. It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. This is reflected in the very close relationships resolved between these species pairs based on the ML analysis of the NADH2 data.

Citing articles via Web of Science 5. The species previously designated to MantaM. Variation at macro and microscopic scales. Cadenat described Mobula rancureli based on a single 2. Therefore, as with the other characters that have previously been used to separate these species, it is poorly understood how these characters vary within species. However, recently acquired molecular information has provided critical new information.

Consistent with the results based on the NADH2 data, comparisons falling at the lower end of this range were those between M. However, the records that do exist show M. Even in light of our own limitations in sampling for this comparison, the holotype of M. The two Manta species are again nested with Mobulasister to M.


Dor considered this species a junior synonym of M. That study represented a major step forward in our understanding of mobulid taxonomy. Two other new combinations were designated for Jamaican material in subsequent decades, that is, C.

Phylogenetic inferences based on morphology have either been more concerned with the phylogenetic placement of mobulids within Myliobatiformes rather than the relationships among mobulids, or have focused on the evolution 13470 particular structures.

Rauchfuss Beteiligungs GmbH

The distinction li M. Medium to very large rays with a rhomboidal disc, much wider than long, depressed and relatively thick. Redactis speciebus ad genera Inferences resulting from both concatenated ML and coalescent-based analyses of the complete and clock-filtered datasets, which included data from and nuclear exons, respectively, consistently resolved M. Finally, molecular data have not previously been taken into consideration.

The characters provided do not allow its identity to be determined and thus should be considered nomen dubium. Cross-species DNA hybridization capture followed the relaxed hybridization method described by Li et al. Thus, further taxonomic research focused on these two species is required to ascertain whether they are truly separate species, or whether the differences reflect population variation within a single more llei ranging species.

IX, N, from St. Previous studies of the llei between M. Check-list of the Fishes of the North-eastern Atlantic and of the Mediterranean.

Index of /legislativo/tramitando/lei

If future additional sampling shows that there is indeed a distinct small species in the Eastern Atlantic, then this would constitute an as yet undescribed species.

The second bait library included sequences derived from five batoid species and targeted slow-evolving, nuclear exons that were identified previously to be putatively single-copy orthologs across leu available model vertebrate genomes Homo, AnolisCallorhinchusLeoGallus and Xenopus ; Li et al.

The description of M. Additional Supporting Information may be found in the online version of this article at the publisher’s web-site:. It should be noted, however, that a slightly different topology that places M.


Sequence reads associated with each sample were identified and sorted by their respective indices Li et al. It is thus already documented that these species are indistinguishable based on llei DNA Kashiwagi et al.

One clade includes the larger mobulid species Manta spp. Original illustration ventral view of Eregoodoo tenkee in Russell ; presented only as a vernacular name thus not an available name.

The illustration is somewhat cartoonish, with the cephalic lobes both with long filaments, eyes located dorsally, no dorsal fin and elongate markings on the dorsal surface. Based on the Mediterranean location and the large size of the Marseilles specimen, Notarbartolo di Sciara included it in the synonymy of M.

Index of /legislativo/tramitando/lei

Strengthening this argument is the presence of both long-head and short-head forms from Oman, which are indistinguishable based on sequencing of the mitochondrial NADH2 locus Supporting Information Fig. In this paper, we have made the important addition of investigating this relationship using a large panel of nuclear molecular makers and have again come to the conclusion that these taxa appear to be conspecific.

Moreover, a phylogeographic study has provided evidence that these species diverged relatively recently and have experienced post-divergence gene flow.

Several authors have noted previously that M. For ease of alignment, only the protein-coding components of the mitochondrial genomes were aligned across all taxa using Geneious Pro v7.

The resulting inferences were combined with morphological information to adopt an integrated approach to resolving the taxonomic arrangement of the family.


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