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A rich kid fears he won’t realize his college dream in this sedate, bloodless drama . Lucky Fools. Coert Voorhees. BookPage review by Angela Leeper. Web Exclusive – July 06, Seventeen-year-old David Ellison and his fellow Oak Fields. Lucky Fools by Coert Voorhees – book cover, description, publication history.

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What other people think or is it how YOU feel about yourself and the career you’ve chosen to pursue? The only possible controversial moment in the book is under age drinking within one part of the book, but otherwise everything is appropriate. An Endless Quest Book. Lots of this kind of low-grade drama, mixed in with an anonymous menace on campus who is ‘outing’ students whose perfect exteriors mask unsavory truths.

Lucky Fools – Coert Voorhees – Google Books

Even Ellen is very imperfect, with a jealous streak that has no boundaries. David doesn’t spell out any of his points, I had to figure them out from his story.

The Secret Files of Barry Allen: And after saying this, I might add. If you’re looking for a change of pace, pick up this male POV book. He’s determined to make his dream a reality, but as his Juilliard audition approaches, his school is thrown into chaos by a mysterious prankster known as The Artist, who is determined foils sabotage the college aspirations of the school’s highest achievers. The plot and premise of Lucky Fools itself, was fun and interesting to read even though it may have been a little bit predictable in some areas.

Sign in to write reviews. The book is all about David.


There was a problem adding your lucmy address. Jul 18, Silver rated it liked it. I think this book summarized life in high school perfectly. The entire thing is just so preposterous, it actually makes me a bit angry. In the end, I think I would give this book about a 9. David’s angst takes him in some predictable directions, plotwise, and his character is one we’ve met, repeatedly, since Jerry Renault decided to disturb the universe in The Chocolate War.


I think it will really be enjoyed more by those of us that have been there, done vkorhees. Because I happened to impress them while I was there for Info-week. Lucky Fools drew me in because of it’s summary. He’s just expected to go somewhere. I can tell you of countless girls i know who would have reacted the same. Voorhees rarely shows and always tells, and the entire book is just pointless. This luucky is great. That is the question for graduating senior David Ellison.

I just spent a few hours reading a book about how this high school senior is trying to balance what is expected of him and what he really wants. Mar 29, Seanean rated it it was ok. I think the author did a good job of representing those groups without dipping into the cliches a whole lot. He seemed like a real 17 year old boy. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Lucky Fools by Coert Voorhees Book Reviews

Not one of my favorites. First of all, a contemporary for guys? Already have an account? Sometimes I wonder, how the hell did this get published? It doesn’t make very much sense to me. He had me from the beginning as he was climbing the catwalk and teasing David and Vanessa.

He did some stupid things and he was confused and he had foils idea what he wanted in life and yet, he was somehow luky to have it all figured out.

David Ellison, the MC is the school’s theater star with the long-time girlfriend, Ellen, who has his sights set on Julliard. FAQs Advertise Become a member. Anyone who excels is a potential target, and David, the star of every play, could be next.


Lucky Fools

I also didn’t like that the author didn’t state who the Artist was, although I think it was his sister Lisa. This dorky theater geek, foola a slightly inflated ego who does seem very sure of what he wants in life. A Branches Book Dragon Masters I really liked David’s character, he’s hilarious and has coetr of an inflated head – but don’t we all – and he just had me glued to the book as he’s trying to figure out what exactly he wants, whether its girls or colleges or his acting career.

He did something that he thought he enjoyed, he was easily distracted by a new pretty face, even voorhees he still cared for his girlfriend and he was basically a big, hot mess. And I don’t think the book used The Artist to its full potential other than as a tool to depict the irony of people’s facade and their true selves.

But he also knows when to be serious. How much money one makes? His classmates are melting down over their college essays and David is starting to suspect that he might fooks a big fish in a small pond.

Not David, though, who’d rather go to Juilliard, despite his father’s dire warnings about how hard it is to make a living as an actor. Elisha Jachetti, Staff Reviewer. Overall this was an okay book. This scares David while he is trying to make his decision about his plans after high school.

But, I found all the characters even David to be underdeveloped.


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