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Video submissions without scripts attached will be removed. This is r/ Screenwriting after all. Show us the blueprint behind your work. Read, review and discuss the entire Lucky Number Slevin movie script by Jason Smilovic on Lucky-Number-Slevin script at the Internet Movie Script Database.

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Why are you here? There was a time You misunderstood. I wasn’t asking for the time I was just saying “There was a time. Take brown sugar backthere for example. She’s pretty fucking foxy right? If she’s a day. But there was a time. I’m from out of town. The reason I’m in town. What’s a Kansas City Shuffle? Kansas City Shuffle is when everybody looks right and you go left.

Never heard of it. It’s not something people hear about. Falls on deaf ears mostly. But this particular one’s been over 20 years in the making. Requires a lot of planning. It involves a lot of people. People conneccted only by the slightest of events.

Like whispers in the night It all starts with a horse. It’s what they called back then a drugstore handicap A guy wants what the fella calls a sure thing so he schemes to make it so He calls in the doc a nobbler from Antwerp known for his savvy but not for his discretion Oh fuck me baby fuck me baby The same could be said for Doc’s jelly on the side – GIoria Almost there almost there. Hey which horse did you say it was again baby? Which brings us to Abe because GIoria was too much jelly for one outfit Hey baby is your wife around?

What do you want? Ahit’s Seymour Sure tell that bitch to open her eyes maybe then she’d see more Seymour says hello. What are you doing calling me here? Christmas came early this year baby. I got a present for you. Remember my friend Doc?. Now Abe wasn’t a nosy fella but he had a nose And right below his nose was his mouth Do you remember GIoria the hooker?


Well Gloria’s got this friend Doc who’s got a line on a doped-up racehorse. The fix is in at Aqueduct Seventh horse. And then there was this joker who had ears Let’s get back who Iooked Iike somebody’s uncle Max who’s your favourite uncle?

OK who’s your second favourite uncle?

I got something here. And before you know it folks are getting a big dose of the gimmies and men start talking their hats off. And that Manischewitz Grapevine Wine spills in your ear and tells you you got a sure thing and what’s worse is you start to believe it At Ieast that’s how it went with old Max who wasn’t so much old as he was tired Tired of being a dog without a day Tired of waking up and finding that his dreams were only dreams We’re leaving.

But mostly Max was tired of not having a front Iawn Make sure he doesn’t come home late. You thinkthat’s funny do you? All right if your ma asks where were we today?

Lucky Number Slevin Movie Script

Give me the post-game. Stallard gave up six runs in the first five innings. Ed Kranepool hit a line drive down right field numbet it hit the wall fouled by a foot. Gonder hit a groundball between first and second but he’s so slow second baseman Did you get all that from the radio? OK I’ll be right back. You’ve got to stay in the car.

Because they don’t let little boys inside the track. Saul’s dad takes him to the track. Well Saul’s dad is a degenerate gambler.

Lucky Number Slevin” Script

And if you’re the son of a degenerate gambler they let you in. Are you going to be a degenerate gambler? You know better than that. Your old man’s smart. He only plays a sure thing. This money’s gonna get you through Harvard.

And you’re gonna be a docctor. Next weekend dcript and me go to a ballgame. I love you kid. I love you too Dad. The next race at the Aqueduct is the tenth race Come on come on. Yes come on baby come on! It’s Number Seven who now has the lead It’s strolling clear Yes!


Number Seven has fallen! Number One comes home and takes the Iead to win it Max woke up to find his dreams had just been the stuff. OOh you must feel real lucky. I’ll take your slwvin And lay it off.


I’ve got a bookie’s bookie. I’ll give you on the horse. The racing form says So you go to a ticket vendor with your 20 grand in hand and you get if the spread sticks. You llucky in here with your pockets turned out you get The juice is ten.

Lucky Number Slevin () Movie Script | SS

That means if you lose you’re all in for 22 grand. Can you pay these monies? Just to be clear if you Iose.

You got a light? In that case how about the 20 Gs What have you done with my son?

Roth he’ll tell you everything I swear. I have a family. Why did they kill Max’s family? New outfit in town. They didn’t want somebody else betting on a fixed horserace with them.

Trying to make an impression. That’s a fucking story man. Now that’s a story. This is something else. So that’s a Kansas City Shuffle? It’s just the inciting incident. This – is a Kansas City Shuffle. They look right And you Nimber about that son. Sometimes there’s more to life than just living. It took you long enough. You’re not as tall as I scripy you’d be. Well I’m short for my height.

That makes sense because I can usually tell how tall someone is by their knock You have a deceptively tall knock. So it’s a good thing? I open the door expeccting you to be up here you’re down here.


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